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The 'Kate Effect' strikes again: sales of yellow dresses rise 208 percent

The 'Kate Effect' is still out in force.

That ‘Kate Middleton’ effect just won’t let up! It’s no secret that when Kate wears something to an event or engagement, that item of clothing usually sells out within minutes. But after appearing on the steps of Lindo Wing with brand new baby girl, Princess Charlotte, Kate proved just how strong her ‘effect’ is.
Retail giant, ebay.com, recently released figures showing that after Kate’s Princess appearance, the sales of yellow floral dresses spiked by over 208 percent. Dresses featuring buttercup prints also experienced a huge surge.
But it wasn’t just her dress that caused a frenzy, Kate’s fancy footwear (aka her $497 Jimmy Choo nude Gilbert pumps) inspired a 131 percent rise in nude pumps on the website. The originals, of course, sold out immediately.
The team at The Weekly were all amazed at how glossy and put together Kate’s hair was only hours after giving birth, and it seems we weren’t the only ones! Kate’s perfectly coiled curls inspired a 131 rise in hair rollers. Even Kate’s accessories enjoyed a little spotlight – sales of her nude tights and pearl earrings rose up to 30 percent.
And in a very non-surprising turn of events, Princess Charlotte has garnered her very own ‘Charlotte effect’! White crocheted blankets, like the one she was wrapped in on the steps of Lindo Wing, surged 149 percent. Her sweet crocheted bonnet (which she was wearing backwards, by the way) from Spanish retailer, Irulea, sold out immediately.
But, don’t worry, Kate and Charlotte didn’t have all the fun. The boys, Prince William and Prince George, also had a bit of their own ‘effects’ going on. After visiting Lindo Wing, and waving adorably at fans, sales of Prince George’s tiny knitted blue sweater, and grey knee-high socks went through the roof.
We can’t imagine the frenzy that Charlotte will cause when she actually wears something that’s not a blanket, but one thing's for sure: the world is not going to handle it when she does.

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