Letting their hair down! The British Royal Family's most candid moments

This is giving us a right royal fever!

Prince Harry may have just married the woman of his dreams, Meghan Markle, but that doesn't mean the couple can't help but look like love-struck teens!
And, as it turns out, Prince Harry got his PDA gene from his dad!
Prince Charles is no stranger to showing Duchess Camilla how he really feels.
In some very rare moments - three times on film! - the heir-to-the-throne can't help but give his wife a sweet kiss.
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These two are the picture of love.

Throw royal protocol to the wind and just kiss the girl!

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There's nothing more than we love when a royal decides to throw away their "keep calm and carry on" mantra - and show us how they're really feeling.
From The Queen giggling her hat off, Harry and Meghan showing each other they care, to Duchess Catherine and little Prince George chuckling away, we celebrate the best candid moments from the British Royal Family!
Many fans of the beloved royals will remember Princess Diana's vivacious love for life, with it often being captured on film.
Whether she was in war-torn Africa or giving her kids a hug, the people's princess showed the world her true self.
Just because their life is ruled by pomp and ceremony doesn't mean they can't have some fun!
And that openness has transcended into the next generation - with her children Prince William and Prince Harry carrying on her natural spirit.
William, now 35 and a father, often shows his tender side with wife Duchess Catherine and their three little ones, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and newborn Prince Louis.
While Harry can't help be one incredibly charming Prince... Lucky Meghan Markle!
We can't wait to see the full cast and crew in action for the Royal Wedding this weekend, keep reading to check out The British Royal Family's most candid moments!

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