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Sophie of Wessex just crashed a video call - and the surprise and shock to ensue is the best thing you'll see today

The Countess casually dropped in for a very important reason.

By Jess Pullar
Sophie, Countess of Wessex is a refreshingly wholesome and hard-working asset to the royal family - and her latest appearance is the perfect example.
In a sweet surprise that's since gone viral on social media, the 55-year-old royal decided to crash a filmed video call with some very special attendees.
Suffice to say, the footage from the clip has completely warmed our hearts.
Earlier in June, the Scar Free Foundation based in the UK held a video call with some of their important ambassadors.
The group planned to share their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, discussing how they've managed things and shown support for each other.
Little did they know, Sophie of Wessex was waiting in the background preparing herself to jump into the chat.
Sophie was biding her time to jump into a very important video call... (Scar Free Foundation)
As the ambassadors shared stories blissfully unaware, one of the organisers of the call stopped and said, "Amanda, would you like to let the guest in?"
At the bottom of the screen, a new attendee appeared, and it just so happened to be Sophie.

The reaction from the group was, quite frankly, adorable.
Guests looked shocked before quickly composing themselves and waving "hello" to the Countess.
"Hello, your Royal Highness... that's not a sentence I get to say often," one woman quipped.
Sophie looked amused as she surprised the call attendees. (Scar Free Foundation)
During the call, the Countess connected with the ambassadors to hear about their experiences with COVID-19.
"This whole situation has pulled the rug from underneath everybody's feet," Sophie said.
"It's just actually really nice hearing people's personal stories about what's happening in their lives, what's going on, different perspectives."
Sophie engaged in a constructive conversation with the ambassadors of the charity. (Scar Free Foundation)
The Scar Free Foundation is an incredible charity that helps to raise funds for people with healing wounds and burns, along with any scarring they've endured. It also invests in cleft research.
The Countess has been affiliated with the charity for more than 15 years as she remains a patron of it through her work as a royal - and her video call with them proves just how special the foundation is.
The Countess has been working hard behind the scenes during the COVID-19 pandemic. (The Royal Family / Instagram)
The Countess has certainly been keeping very busy amidst the lockdown.
We've seen various snippets from her volunteering efforts as she continues to use her profile to showcase organisations and help where she can.
This week, the Countess also visited St John Ambulance's operational support hub in Gosport, UK where she thanked the volunteers there for their work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sharing moments from the day on Instagram, the Palace wrote: "Volunteers at the Hub have been responsible for distributing clothing and PPE to 32 different St John Ambulance sites in the UK, where the charity is supporting the NHS on the frontline."
"The Countess helped to organise these deliveries and PPE shipments to be sent to ambulance crews, specialist cleaners, hospital staff and first aiders."

With Sophie's incredible work front and centre at the moment, all eyes are on her.
And rightly so, the way she has elevated causes that matter throughout the health pandemic is nothing short of admirable.
We're sure there's plenty more to come - stay tuned!
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