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Sophie of Wessex continues her fashion streak at Wimbledon by wearing our dream transeasonal dress to the Royal Box

The Countess of Wessex joined Princess Beatrice for the royal spectacle.

By Jess Pullar
Countess Sophie of Wessex isn't afraid to make a fashion statement, especially at Wimbledon.
That much has always been clear from the 56-year-old, whose numerous royal outings have always included a perfectly polished outfit to boot.
And there's absolutely no denying that while we're sure Sophie has a legion of wardrobe experts at her beck and call, she heeds her own instincts when it comes to picking her ensemble of the day.
The Countess was spotted at Wimbledon overnight (Australian time) where she joined a heavily pregnant Princess Beatrice to watch the tournament unfold from The Queen's VIP royal box.
Of course, our eyes went straight to suss out Sophie's outfit, a perfect off-white mesh-style dress featuring mini polka dots.
With long sleeves and a button down front, this style is perfect for any in-between weather day - a trusty year-round staple.
Sophie looked fresh in an off-white mesh style dress featuring a button down front. (Getty)
Sophie joined pregnant Princess Beatrice for the day's events. (Getty)
There's also a trending theme here you might have spotted.
Indeed, Sophie's mini polka dots were almost too perfect next to Princess Beatrice's polka dot puff sleeve maternity dress.
And we're sure you'll all remember Duchess Catherine's polka dot skirt from last week at the very same tournament.
It's official: Polka dots are 2021's royal trend!
Kate also rocked polka dots at Wimbledon last week. (Getty)
Sophie of Wessex's Wimbledon style has been a joy to watch over the years.
In 2019, our favourite fashion moment occurred when the royal added a bag with a unique message inscribed on its exterior.
"I'm not saying I am wonderwoman. I'm just saying that no one has ever seen me and wonderwoman in the same place," it read.
Sophie's 2019 outfit included a bag with a knockout phrase. (Getty)
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