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Sarah Ferguson announces a brand-new project she's been secretly working onamid the COVID-19 pandemic

It's the latest in a string of initiatives the royal has spearheaded since the start of the pandemic.

By Jess Pullar
Sarah Ferguson has launched a brand-new website in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic - the latest in a series of projects she's undertaken since the lockdown began.
The British royal mum is known for championing social causes and speaking her voice on issues that need to be discussed - and her latest project is the ultimate way for her to amalgamate that work into one place.
It will work in support of the NHS, with one of its first initiatives designed to deliver meals, snacks and hygiene items to key workers who are on the frontline.
The charity has already made more than 150,000 deliveries in more than 80 locations.
Sarah has long been involved in charitable causes, including her YouTube channel dedicated to reading children's books for their entertainment amidst the pandemic. (YouTube)
Sarah has also launched a new initiative in line with several other charities to support people sleeping on the streets of London and Lutton.
Providing sleeping bags, emergency food, and essentials, the project will aim to help some of the most vulnerable people in society.
Sarah's work in the charity space has been incredible over the years.
In particular, her work with British charity Street Child has touched the hearts of many of the years.
Speaking about her work for the organisation, the Duchess previously issued a plea in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.
"As a mother, I have found the stories and scenes of children affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia utterly heartbreaking."
"They need our help. That's why we are launching a special appeal - please support it if you can".
Fergie is a fierce advocate for social change. (Getty)
The Duchess spoke of her new website in a statement.
"'I am incredibly excited to be bringing all of my charitable causes under one roof with Sarah's Trust. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time. We will focus on a whole range of causes, all across the world, but at this terrible time, it's right that our first projects should be to help to contend with the impact of coronavirus both at home and abroad.
She continued: "It has been humbling to be able to see just a little bit of the incredible work being done by our NHS and other health workers and I'm proud that, working with my daughters and new colleagues at Sarah's Trust, we've been able to make life a little easier for some of them."

The Duchess of York ended her statement: "I'm also pleased that we've been able to support vulnerable children in Ghana, building on the sort of charity work I've been involved in for many years now."
With a newly launched Twitter and Instagram page, the new foundation is off to a rip roaring start, nearing 1,000 followers on Instagram alone overnight.
We're excited to see what more the Duchess brings to the table as she continues her dedicated efforts - particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
WATCH: Sarah Ferguson reads a children's book on her newly launched YouTube channel to entertain kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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