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Sarah Ferguson still remembers how to curtsey as she passes the Queen at Royal Ascot

Almost 20 years after she bid farewell to her royal title, Sarah Ferguson has still got it as she gets the crowd’s attention at Royal Ascot.

By Blake Nadilo
In her heyday the Duchess of York, along with Princess Diana were the talk of the world, these days though Sarah Ferguson is more behind-the-scenes as she plays supportive mum to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.
Although she didn’t enter on a horse drawn carriage in the Queen’s procession, Fergie still turned heads as a guest in the royal enclosure at Ascot.
As Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh entered the race course, the Duchess curtseyed deeply out of respect as her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, bowed beside her.
According to British publication Express onlookers reported that the Monarch smiled and waved at her son the mother-of-his-children, while the unapologetic Duke of Edinburgh seemed displeased by his former daughter-in-law’s presence.
“He [Prince Philip] was twisting his neck to take another look. He didn’t look impressed,” said a racegoer.
It’s been widely reported that Prince Philip dislikes the previous couple’s living arrangements, with the former royal and her Prince ex-husband still residing together in Windsor at the Royal Lodge.
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie looked gorgeous with the mum and dad by their side and Royal Ascot.
Fergie spoke of her and the Duke of York’s relationship with talk show host Rachel Ray earlier this year: “we’re the happiest divorced couple in the world – extraordinary, really, isn’t it. We live in the same house, but then, it’s a big house, so that’s ok. But I think it’s really good that we believe in compromise and communication and compassion. And family.”
Despite her husband’s dislike for the for the 55-year-old, the Queen is still cordial, inviting her to their summer home in Balmoral and even letting the Duchess use Windsor Castle for a party for her charity.
Sarah Ferguson seemed to be having a splendid day with Princess Beatrice's boyfriend Dave Clark.
However, bad blood aside, Royal Ascot is always a fun day out and Sarah Ferguson seemed on top of the world as she spent time with her girls and their respective boyfriends in Royal enclosure.
Princess Beatrice’s beau Dave Clark seemed to get on like a house on fire with his potential future-mother-in-law as they cheered on their favourite horses.
Rumours have surfaced that the future King of England, Prince William, is not a fan of Dave Clark, so perhaps the Fergie and her daughter’s boyfriend have some common ground.

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