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The REAL reason Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew got divorced

The 59-year-old opened up about the end of her marriage in her first US interview in seven years.

By Anita Lyons
Sarah Ferguson has no doubt been one of the most controversial royals in modern times.
From her ten-year marriage and subsequent divorce to Prince Andrew to her ongoing "feud" with Prince Phillip, Fergie has always been a hot topic of conversation within the British monarchy.
Now, the Duchess of York has spoken candidly with US publication Modern Hero about what really led to her marriage breakdown and how the split from her former husband made her hit "rock bottom."
Sarah Ferguson revealed a "self-hatred" after her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996. (Source: Getty)
While rumours have always surrounded their split, Sarah admitted that it was actually Prince Andrew's navy schedule which led to their divorce and compounded with this, her abandonment issues from her mother leaving when she was just 12 years old.
"It was seven years, [and only] 40 days a year, I saw him," she said.
"It was really, really difficult. I think it played into my abandonment. We both agreed we didn't fight hard enough to keep it together."
Once they decided that divorce was in the cards, Sarah blamed herself and once announced, had to deal with constant negative press and the opinions of the public.
Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew at their wedding in 1986. (Source: Getty)
"I had completely and utterly destroyed myself. I murdered myself. I must have brought that on for myself, mustn't I?" she said.
"That's how I felt about myself, self-hatred at its height… I think that I lived in my ego for a very long time. So sad."
Despite the hatred she felt, the 59-year-old doesn't regret marrying the Prince. For one, it gave her, her two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenieand also a complex but loving relationship with Andrew.
"He was a total gentleman. He's one of the kindest people ever," she admitted to the outlet.
"Certainly, the best thing I've ever done was marry him in 1986. My love for Andrew conquered everything."
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Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice in 1999. (Source: Getty)
Now, the Duke and Duchess of York continue to show a united front, especially for their two daughters, but they still have an incredible amount of love one another.
In fact, for years, it has been widely reported that the pair are still, in fact, together - but keeping the official announcement of the news, mum.
"Now our life together is the greatest ever," she said about their relationship. "It's so hard to comprehend because we're not normal. This is our fairy tale, and we're telling it our way."
Sarah and Prince Andrew after their engagement announcement on 17th March 1986. (Source: Getty)
Back in November, just weeks after her daughter's nuptials to Jack Brooksbank,the Duchess of York gave a definitive answer on whether she would re-marry her ex-husband, Prince Andrew amidst other details in a fascinating new tell-all interview.
When asked by the Daily Mail if she still loves her ex-husband, Fergie revealed, "We both say it. We are completely compatible. Our bywords are communication, compromise and compassion."
In fact, the Duchess of York says she is not divorced from him but rather divorced "to" him.
"Andrew is the best man I know. What he does for Britain is incredible; no one knows how hard he works for his country," she explained to The Daily Mail in their exclusive sit-down chat.
"My duty is to him. I am so proud of him. I stand by him and always will. The way we are is our fairy tale."

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