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Sarah, Duchess of York is back in Australia as she talks about her daughters and divorce

As Sarah, Duchess of York returns to Oz, the 57-year-old opens up about her modern family.

It’s been a busy few days for the mother-of-two, who is in Sydney for a slew of official events.
On Friday, October 21 the Duchess was reunited with her sister Jane Ferguson at the St Vincent's Life Ball, which was held at the Sydney Cricket Ground.
The glamorous fundraising bash celebrated the 120-year anniversary of the opening of the Ladies Pavilion.
And in a full circle turn of events, Sarah and her sister unveiled a new plaque for the pavilion, which was first launched by their great-great-grandmother, Viscountess Hampden in 1896.
Taking to Instagram to mark the occasion, the author shared a photo from the unveiling and penned, “Amazing to unveil the #commemorative #plaque with @janeferguson celebrating the #120 year #anniversary of the laying of the foundation #stone commemorating the opening of the women's pavilion at #scg.”
Meanwhile on Monday morning, Sarah appeared on the Kyle & Jackie O show where she shared some insightful parenting tips.

The Duchess’ most important “golden rule for good mothering” is all about being on the same level as your child – literally.
“When they come back from school go on a little chair and talk to them."
“Don’t look down at them, because why should you? I think it’s the same when you’re speaking to somebody on a wheelchair, always go on eye level with any person, even a five-year-old,” she shared.
Another valuable pointer was to always make time to check in with your children every day.
“Rule number two: shut the door, turn the telephone off and the television and sit down and say, ‘I’m here for you. Have I annoyed you? Are you upset? Are you angry? Are you cross with mummy? Are you cross with daddy?’ It only takes five seconds.”
Sarah also stressed that mothers shouldn’t feel guilty about their work-life balance.
“I’m going to write a book about it because I’ve noticed a lot of young mothers, ’cause Beatrice is 28 and Eugenie is 26, and a lot of their friends there’s a group that have gone back to work and are feeling guilty about not being at home,” she mused.
“Then there’s a group that are at home that are thinking they should be at work. I want them to realise that I was able to go to work, bring up my girls and look at the good results.”
The mother of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie still can’t believe the incredible young women she and her ex-husband Prince Andrew have raised.
“They’re 28 and 26 and I just look at them and I think wow! No matter what I’ve done in my life, there’s one thing that I know 100% is I’ve been a really good mother,” The Duchess confessed.
As for her amicable split with Prince Andrew, Sarah revealed her definition of a happy ending has changed drastically over the years.
“We’re divorced to each other right now, [but] we’ve never really left each other. Just because in our fairtyaltes when we were little, we were brought up with along comes the prince on a white charger in the castle."
“What if the real true thing is to find yourself and to find peace and happiness within yourself? The true castle is you! And then after that, see what happens,” she said.
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