Ticket please, your Royal Highness! All the times the royal family took public transport

Wonder if they know how to top up an Opal card?

One of the many perks of being royal is that you rarely have to tough it out on public transport to get where you need to be.
The royal family are usually driven around in private cars to official functions, staying well away from London's outrageously busy tube system, or those famous double-decker buses.
But occasionally, their work duties require the royal family to mingle with the masses on public transport.
Of course, even when on public transport the royals travel in style.
They're certainly not queuing up to top-up their Opal cards or standing squished on a packed train carriage, but we appreciate their efforts nonetheless!
So if you're feeling a little down about your dull work commute, let these gorgeous photos of royals on public transport put a smile on your face.

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