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The surprising reason why Queen Elizabeth and the royals will break from tradition this Easter

The British royals will have a very different outlook when Easter Sunday rolls around this year.

By Jess Pullar
Ah Easter - the perfect respite as the post-Christmas rush and those last days spent lazing on the beach come to an end and we prepare ourselves for the depths of a chilly winter.
At least, that's what the long weekend poses to many of us normal folk Down Under.
But for royals? Well, that's an entirely different story.
In previous years, British monarchs have traditionally celebrated Easter with their wider family, partaking in a number of traditions that might seem a little foreign to us commoners.
While many of us are hunting for Easter eggs and piecing together a delicious roast for the extended family, the Queen and her brood usually attend a church service together at St George's Chapel in Windsor.
Usual attendees include Prince William and Duchess Catherine, as well as Prince Harry and cousins Beatrice and Eugenie.
After attending the church service, the Queen typically receives a bouquet of flowers from local children.
But this year, things might work out a little differently.
Firstly, Easter this year happens to coincide with a very important milestone - Queen Elizabeth's 93rd birthday.
Easter Sunday falls on April 21 this year, the same day of our reigning monarch's birthday.
And while the Queen will likely attend St George's church as per tradition, as well as being presented with flowers, but there might be some noticeable absentees from the celebration as her big day draws near.
Queen Elizabeth will have double cause to celebrate Easter Sunday this year. (Image: Getty)

What will Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan do on Easter Sunday?

With Meghan due to give birth any day now, it's highly unlikely that the newlywed pair will join the Windsors' for the church service.
In fact, some are even speculating that Meghan may even give birth on Easter Sunday - a fitting time given the Queen will also be celebrating her own birthday.
And while global attention around the birth of the Royal Baby is likely to be significant, an announcement over the Easter break would be a slightly less hectic time while many people in Commonwealth countries enjoy a long weekend break with their families.
Another royal birth? Easter seems to be a popular birthday period for the royals! (Image: Getty)

What will Prince William and Duchess Catherine do for Easter Sunday?

In an interesting parallel, it was Easter time last year that Kate herself was preparing to give birth to her third child, Prince Louis.
While it's not been officially confirmed that the Cambridge clan will attend the church service, we're sincerely hoping that we'll be seeing the family there.
The Easter break is also an exciting time for the family of five, as Prince Louis will celebrate his 1st birthday on April 23.
WATCH: Princess Charlotte speaks to photographers at Prince Louis' Christening. Story continues after video...

In what other ways will the royals celebrate Easter?

Each year, the Queen travels to different cathedrals around the UK to hand out Maundy Money. This usually occurs on the Thursday before Easter Sunday.
The ceremony, which has taken place since 600AD, involves the handing out of 80 pence worth of Maundy Money to 80 men and 80 women in recognition of their contribution to community and the church.
The coins themselves bear a portrait of the Queen, which were specially designed for her coronation in 1953, according to Royal.uk.
The Queen will present Maundy Money to men and women who have given back to their community and the church ahead of Easter Sunday. (Image: Getty)
And before you ask, yes, an Easter egg hunt is still on the cards for the royals!
Despite busying themselves with plenty of other traditions, there's every chance young George and Charlotte will get to partake in a royal-worthy Easter egg hunt.
Stay tuned - we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for the royals as Easter approaches this weekend!

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