British Royal Family

The Ultimate Royal Wedding Drinking Game

Can't make it to St George's Chapel? Celebrate in style in your living room- just please drink responsibly!

Grab your tiaras and crown jewels, pour yourself a teacup full of bubbly and get ready to play.
Event planner Kelly Pagett has some top tips to plan the ultimate Royal Wedding bash!
Cheers your majesty!

Top tips for throwing the best Royal Wedding party ever!

  • Send invitations summoning your guests
  • Make cocktails called "Camillapolitan" and"Megarita"
  • Hire a waiter for the day that is happy to wear a royal mask. Being served by the Queen, Prince Charles or even Prince Harry would be very entertaining!
  • Provide plenty of lavish, delicious treats
  • Create British-themed bunting, mini flags or life-size cardboard Queen's Guards
  • Collect Harry and Meghan cups, plates and cutlery
  • Gift your guests fancy party bags jam-packed with royal jewels
  • DIY or hire a photobooth. Be creative– get cut-outs and props and come up with a hashtag to show the world the fun you're having.

Take an elegant sip every time...

Grab some bubbly and let's play!
  • Meghan waves to the crowd
  • Princess Charlotte and Prince George do something utterly adorable
  • You see a hat better suited to a Mad Hatter's tea party
  • A commentator says, "The party prince has settled down"
  • Victoria and David Beckham are referred to as "Britain's other royal couple"
  • Prince William gives Harry a good luck wink

  • A royal expert says the word "commoner" or "humble beginnings"
  • Prince Harry sheds a tear
  • An A-list American celebrity or Suits co-star turns up
  • An expert compares this wedding to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's one
  • There's an obsessed royal watcher

Bow or curtsy when...

Will there be another outrageous hat at cousin Harry's wedding?
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh yawns or falls asleep
  • Beatrice and Eugenie wear some outlandish get-up
  • A commentator mentions Princess Diana
  • The Queen is on your screen!

Take four long sips when...

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