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Royal Twin reports intensify: what twins would mean for Prince William and Duchess Catherine

You heard it here first: as first reported by Woman's Day, it now seems more and more likely that Duchess Catherine’s second pregnancy will mean royal twins. As the reports intensify, talk turns to how the Duke and Duchess would cope with the larger brood.
Although a recent statement from the Palace confirming Duchess Catherine’s due date as April stated that they were expecting a “baby,” rather than “babies,” reports of twins have been gaining increasing momentum. Star magazine in the US have reported that the Duchess’ recent ultrasound revealed that she was carrying not one, but two royal babies!
"When they looked at the screen and saw two tiny human beings, they were completely overwhelmed," a source who is reportedly close to William and Catherine told Star.
“Will said Kate’s mouth dropped open and her eyes almost popped out of her head, then she squealed, ‘Oh my God!’ He’ll never forget the look on her face — it must have been priceless!”
The bookmakers seem to agree too, as only weeks after the second royal pregnancy was announced, betting on the royal pregnancy being twins was suddenly suspended across a number of British betting agencies. The news came after a betting frenzy with flood of new punters putting their money on twins.
“We’ve had a load of unexpected bets including a large number of new accounts - with any other market I would say people know something,” spokesman Rupert Adam of betting agency William Hill said.
Twins would be welcome news for William and Catherine who have longed for a larger family. The Duchess, 32, has previously admitted that she wanted "at least" three children according to the UK’s Telegraph.
You heard it here first! Just as Woman's Day reported after the royal pregnancy was anounced, it seems increasingly likely that Duchess Catherine is expecting twins.
Things might get hectic in the royal household though, with more than one sibling for young Prince George, who is already quite the little handful himself.
On a trip to Malta earlier this year, Prince William, 32, admitted that his 15-month-old son is quite the mischievous toddler. Adding not one, but two more babies could make for chaos at the Palace! Luckily for the royal pair they have a James Bond-style super-nanny to assist them.
Royal nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo trained at specialist childcare college Norland College and her credentials include: "experience in self-defence, high-speed driving, and dealing with paparazzi," according to Vanity Fair.
Twins for Wills and Kate would also mean the first twins born into the British monarchy in six centuries, when Queen Joan, wife of James I of Scotland, gave birth to two boys – James and Alexander in 1430. Alexander was originally named as heir to the throne, however he passed away the same year that they were born and James became the heir, rising to become King at the tender age of six after his father was assassinated.
These days twins seem more common among the European monarchs, with Princess Charlene,36, and Prince Albert, 56, of Monaco recently confirming that they are expecting twins for their first pregnancy – due before the end of the year. Princess Mary, 42, of Denmark also has twins – Josephine and Vincent, age three, with Prince Frederik.

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