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Gorgeous unseen photos of the royal children surface as Prince William's rare new documentary goes to air

The Cambridge kids get handy with nature.

By Jess Pullar
New pictures of Duchess Catherine and Prince William's adorable royal brood are usually few and far between, but by some stroke of glorious luck, we've had the blissful pleasure of seeing what they're up to no less than three times in one week.
The first instance came over the weekend when Kensington Royal shared a new clip of the royal children asking British nature icon David Attenborough some questions about the natural world.
The video itself was enough to have royal fans buzzing, but there was plenty more where that came from.
On Tuesday, yet more images of the royal children surfaced during a rare new royal doco which aired in the UK that evening.
In the images, which come in tandem with the film, Prince William: A Planet For Us All, each of Will and Kate's three children are seen getting stuck into nature of all sorts.
A curious Prince Louis was spotted in a new documentary involving his dad, Prince William. (ITV)
In one, a curious Prince Louis, aged two, delves into some shells in the sand.
In another, Prince George, aged seven, takes a spade to soil in a garden patch.
In the third, Princess Charlotte, five, gets stuck into some potting.

According to fan blogger @Camrbidges_SussexUpdates, the images were snapped by the Duchess of Cambridge herself earlier this year.
Location-wise, it looks as though they were taken in the grounds around their Norfolk estate, Anmer Hall.
Prince George (snapped here by mum Kate) gets his hands dirty in the garden. (ITV)
In the new documentary, William speaks of being a dad, and how that has propelled him forward in advocating and caring for the environment.
"I've got George, Charlotte, and now Louis, your outlook does change and that's why I had to do something," he told the cameras.
Speaking of the troubling issue of rhino poaching, Wills continued: "I really felt like by the time my children were 20, at the rate poaching was at, there may not have been another rhino in the world."
New images of William's kids reiterate their love and dedication for the environment. (ITV)
Earlier in October, the entire Cambridge family were pictured in a glorious new photograph taken to celebrate the release of David Attenborough's new nature documentary, David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet.
Princess Charlotte stole the show in the new pic as her glee is plain to see.
Prince George looks poised as ever, Louis comically looks in the other direction and parents Wills and Kate's expressions match that of someone who is absolutely in awe of the bloke who pretty much wrote the book on calming, caring and life-affirming narration.
A glorious image of the royals meeting Sir David Attenborough went viral earlier this month. (EPA / Kensington Palace / via AAP)
In what looks to be a collective push towards a better understanding and education on matters of the environment, the royal family's global following will surely be learning a thing or two for the greater good in line with these rare new appearances.
So with that said, we'll likely be booking ourselves a solid slot on the couch for both William and Sir David's nature docos in the immediate future.

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