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Prince William and Princess Kate are breaking Royal traditions with George's schooling!

Where is George going to go to school?

By Grace Goumas
The British royal children's education has many rules and traditions behind it but reportedly the Prince and Princess of Wales are not following them.
Kate and Prince William's children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis returned for their second year at Lambrook School in the Berkshire countryside in early September 2023. However, the controversy surrounds where Prince George will be going to University.
This isn't the first time Prince William has broken tradition when it comes to education.
Prince William's university experience was one to remember, in his decision to not attend Oxbridge University the prince broke royal tradition. Instead, he went on to study Geography at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and after the news broke, the enrolments increased by roughly 50 per cent.
Prince George might be one of the only monarch's to have a full co-ed education Getty
Prince William and Princess Kate first displayed they weren't interested in British royal tradition after sending their children to a co-ed school.
Now, reports show that Prince George could be enrolled to co-educational school, Marlborough College. If this were to occur, Prince George would be the first to break tradition between his father and grandfather, King Charles, by attending a co-ed school.
King Charles was even the first Monarch to attend school as traditionally they were tutored.
Marlborough was Princess Kate's secondary school with reports from the Daily Mail that she was seen on the grounds in mid-October. However, the reason as to why Kate was on the grounds remains unclear.
There remains the possibility the young prince could attend the all-boys school, Eton that William went to.
Let's take a look at where the royals went to school.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

The royal children attending their first day at the new school! Getty
Prince George and Princess Charlotte first attended school at Thomas's Battersea in London before the family relocated to Windsor.
From there, all three children currently attend Lambrook School in the Berkshire countryside.
The prep school is one of the top schools in the UK and goes beyond the traditional curriculum, offering amazing sporting and performing arts facilities.
The school term fees range from £4,389 (AUD $7,670) for reception to year two, then jumping to £6,448 (AUD $11,268) from year three onwards.
Although, the children were home-schooled during the global pandemic in 2020 which presented challenges for the children, William and Kate:

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William first announced his attendance at Eton College in 1995. Getty
Prince William and Prince Harry both attended Ludgrove School near Wokingham in Berkshire, a 30-minute drive from the Queen's Windsor Castle.
More famously both boys went on to attend Eton College which was a topic pick for his mother, the late Princess Diana as members of the Spencer family, including her father and brother, went to Eton.
The Prince of Wales studied at the University of St Andrews where he initially started a degree majoring in art history before switching to geography in his second year and graduated with a Master of Arts.
Harry decided to opt out of university and entered Sandhurst, Britain's military academy for training army officers, and was commissioned as an officer in 2006.

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew

King Charles before he started at Trinity College. Getty
King Charles began his education at Hill House School in West London before moving to Cheam School.
He then went on to Gordonstoun where he would become the first of three royal generations to attend with Princes Andrew and Edward after.
Different to her brothers, Princess Anne was educated at home similar to her mother, for the first 13 years of her education.
Reportedly Anne asked to be sent to school like her siblings and started at Benenden School in Kent in 1963.
In October 1967 Prince Charles was admitted to Trinity College at the University of Cambridge where he read Archaeology & Anthropology and then History.
Prince Edward went on to study at Jesus College, Cambridge, graduating with a degree in History. He then spent three years in the Royal Marines as a University Cadet.
Princess Anne did not go to university, but chose to follow her passion as an equestrian and in 1976 competed in the Olympic Games riding one of her mother's horses.
Prince Andrew did not attend university either, but completed a Royal Navy commissioning course at Britannia Royal Naval College and other courses during his military career.

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