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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are about to send out personal letters to fans, and you might get one

There's a very simple way to ensure you're on their mailing list.

By Jess Pullar
Contact with the royal family is a far-fetched dream to many.
Sure, we see the royals in countless images splashed across the mags, and some might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them at a public walkabout. But actually speaking to them? Well, that's something only a lucky few are privy to ... until now, that is.
In a revelation that has sent fans scrambling for their pend and notepads, it's become apparent that there is a way to get noticed by the royal family, and it's surprisingly easy.
Get your pens and pads at the ready - there's a way you can get noticed by Harry and Meghan. (Image: Getty)
In the past, royal fans who have shared their best wishes with members of the royal family via snail mail have been known to receive a personal thank you note from the royals themselves.
Back in May 2018 following Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's royal wedding, fans were sent a thank you card inside an envelope embellished with Kensington Palace's crest.
The note also included a message written on behalf of the newlywed couple:
"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been overwhelmed by all the incredibly kind cards and letters they have received on the occasion of their Wedding and are so touched that you took the trouble to write as you did."
Fans who sent their congratulations to Meghan and Harry following their wedding were thrilled to receive a reply from Kensington Palace. (Image: Instagram)
And following Meghan's 37th birthday last year, well-wishers were delighted when another thank you note was sent on behalf of the Duchess, this time reading: "The Duchess of Sussex is so touched you took the trouble to write as you did on the occasion of her 37th birthday."

It certainly seems to be a fail safe way to get noticed by the royal family if you feel so inclined - so get your pens at the ready, if you're planning to send a congratulatory note when Baby Sussex arrives.
The best contact address is below:
THR Duke & Duchess of Sussex
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA
United Kingdom*
Bring on baby Sussex! (Image: Getty)
And don't be fooled by the Clarence House address - while Meghan and Harry are understood to be moving to Windsor's Frogmore Cottage within the next few weeks, all correspondence directed at the pair will still be received and passed onto the royals.
In addition, if their past thank-you notes are anything to go by, you can guarantee there'll be an exciting new picture to accompany their thank you letter to those who wished them well following the birth of their first child.
If that's not a perfect addition to the mantelpiece, we don't know what is!
We'll just be over here penning our letters to the Duke and Duchess now.

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