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I recreated this iconic snap of Duchess Kate with just a smartphone

Who says you need professional photographers?

By Alex Lilly
Hi there. My name is Alex and I am a Duchess Catherine fanatic.
Ever since she stepped out in that blue dress with Princess Diana's engagement ring sparkling on her finger, I've been obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge. I've tried to copy her hairstyle, her wave and even her accent.
So when I got the opportunity to travel to Uluru with Huwaei, it made me think of when my favourite royal and Prince William (who I suppose is pretty cool too) visited the iconic Aussie site back in 2014.
The couple recreated a photo of Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana when they visited the same spot in 1983 on their royal Aussie tour.
Can you imagine the media frenzy should Prince George and his special someone recreate the photo as well?
Touching down in Central Australia, it's easy to see why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge described the rock as "breathtaking". So I decided to take a leaf out of their book, don my best neutral tones and pretend for a few short minutes that I was on my own official photo call sans my prince.
A fresh-faced Charles and Di visited Uluru back in 1983. (Image: Getty Images)
And Will and Kate followed suit in 2014. (Image: Getty Images)
Unlike Will and Kate, I was not accompanied by a team of photographers tracking my every move but I did get to try out Huwaei's new P30 phone. And let me tell you, even someone as technologically-unsavvy as me can produce some top-quality photos fit for a royal.
With its 40 Megapixel camera, I was able to capture the stunning red earth, the deep colours of the rock and sunny sky and zoom to my heart's content without compromising on quality.
Swipe across below for the closest I will ever get to being Duchess Catherine. I know....what a dork.
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James D Morgan, the creative director for Getty Images who has snapped royals including Will, Kate, Harry and Meghan, even told me that the P30 could even rival professional camera equipment.
"It does a lot of what I can normally do but it did some exceptional things that would've taken a lot of gear and faffing around in red sand."
The Huawei P30 (RRP $1099) and the P30 Pro (RRP $1599) is available in Australia from April 16.
I may not have looked as glam as the duchess (don't look at my shoes), but that camera can do some amazing things. (Image: Supplied)
Even Prince William is a fan of posing as his wife.
Back in 2011 when we were all celebrating Kate Middleton's engagement to Prince William, the Middleton family released a photo from the family archives of a four-year-old Kate with her little sister Pippa and father Michael posing on the ruins in Jerash, Jordan.
And when he was visiting the Middle East in 2018, Prince William retraced his wife's steps by visiting the same historical site nearly 30 years later.
There was even a blown-up photo of Kate's childhood picture waiting for him. (Image: Getty Images)
"My wife Catherine is very sorry she cannot be here with me so soon after the birth of our son Louis, but her family remembers very fondly the almost three years she spent here as a child
when her father worked for British Airways in Amman," Prince William explained of his wife's absence.
"She loved it here, she really did. She is very upset that I am coming here without her," he added.
Swipe across to see Prince William's recreation.
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