British Royal Family

Queen’s Guard plays Game of Thrones theme tune

Buckingham Palace got a King’s Landing makeover this this week. We wonder what the Queen would say about the Royal Guard’s Game of Thrones tribute?
Tourists in London got an entertaining surprise this week when they were treated to a Royal rendition of the Game of Thrones theme song by the Queen’s Guard.
Visitors were at Buckingham Palace, watching the regular "Changing of the Guard" ceremony – a major drawcard for tourists to see the bearskins put on a display of military pomp- when the Irish Guards regiment broke tradition and put a modern, Kings-Landing inspired spin on the daily event.
We wonder if the song was perhaps a tribute to the Queen’s recent visit to the Iron Throne as part of the Game of Thrones exhibition when it was on display in Northern Ireland?
Disappointingly, her Royal Highness did not sit atop the Iron Throne while at the exhibition as many had hoped. No doubt many a Game of Thrones fan will be pleased however to see the Queen’s Guard contributing yet another overlap between the fictional monarchy of the Kingdom of Westeros and the real one of Great Britain.
So far, there’s been no confirmation of dragons being kept in dungeons under the palace though Game of Thrones fans continue to wait in hope...

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