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The Queen & Prince William step out for the first time together since lockdown - with a fascinating catch

The British Monarch and her eldest grandson attended an event at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Sailsbury.

By Jess Pullar
In a history-making moment, the Queen and her grandson Prince William have stepped out together for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The British royals, aged 94 and 39 respectively, attended an event at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory near Salisbury in the UK, where they helped to open a new Energetics Analysis Centre.
The event marked a momentous occasion for the royals, who have been staying with their respective partners and immediate family members for the duration of the UK lockdown.
At 94, the Queen in particular has been protected to great lengths given the virus is deadlier among the elder generation.
That's why it was all the more fascinating to see the efforts made to ensure the event with her grandson on Thursday was as safe as possible.
The Duke and his grandmother attended a science event together on Thursday. (Getty)
According to a report from HELLO!, the people who came into close contact with the Queen and William throughout the event (reportedly 48 people) were all tested for COVID-19.
The Queen also arrived at the event via a helicopter, while William arrived by car.
The pair opened the new Energetics Analysis Centre. (Getty)
Wearing a beautiful pink ensemble with a matching hat, the Queen looked radiant and fresh faced, despite an undeniably tricky few months.
During the event, the Queen and Prince William had a private tour of the Energetics Enclosure and the Energetics Analysis Centre.
There, they viewed a demonstration of a Forensic Explosives Investigation.
William and his grandmother also had a tour of some of the facilities. (Getty)
This marks the first joint engagement between the Queen and the future King alone since 2017, and the Queen's first appearance since Princess Beatrice's surprise wedding back in July.
Suffice to say it was the royal spectacle we'd been waiting for - hopefully there'll be plenty more to come soon!

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