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Queen Elizabeth to visit Game of Thrones set

Will the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh challenge the Iron Throne while visiting the Game of Thrones set in Belfast.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will visit the Game of Thrones set on the second day of their tour of Northern Ireland.
The palace announced via Twitter that her Majesty and Prince Philip would tour the studios where the fantasy drama is filmed which has elated GoT fans who are excited to know if the Queen of England will perch herself on the Iron Throne.
As part of the visit to Northern Ireland The Queen and The Duke will tour the @GameOfThrones set in the Titanic quarter #Belfast #GoT
.@BritishMonarchy @GameOfThrones I NEED a pic of QEII on the Iron Throne.
House Windsor a new threat to the House Lannister? @BritishMonarchy @GameOfThrones
The series has just wrapped it's fourth season – the most watched HBO series yet – and the show's production has provided a huge boost for the Northern Ireland economy with the creation of about 900 full-time and 5,700 part-time jobs.
Only time will tell if Westeros will have a new ruler in season five.

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