British Royal Family

From Shetland ponies to Justin Trudeau: Queen Elizabeth's Scottish adventure has been a delight

The beloved Monarch is showing no signs of slowing down as she has a seriously good summer.

By Chloe Lal
Queen Elizabeth and Scotland go together like strawberries and cream at Wimbledon.
The 91-year-old and her husband Prince Philip are spending a week in the country, as they do every year.
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have already had an action-packed few days, from meeting with locals, some very naughty animals and one of the world's most handsome PMs.
Her Scottish adventure was jam-packed including a private audience with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.
Her Majesty was in giggles over the cheeky pony.
The royal couple first dropped by Stirling Castle, when the mother-of-four was faced with insubordination... From a Shetland pony.
And yes, it is as cute as it sounds.
The Queen was in a fit of giggles, much like her son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla earlier this week, when she was greeted by Cruachan IV.
The three-year-old dark brown Shetland Pony, who is the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, was lucky enough to meet the Head of State as she arrived at the palace, but it appears dear old Cruachan was more hungry than excited.
Reaching out to pat the pony, the three-year-old swiftly made aim for the royal's posy flowers.
Laughing, she remarked, "Go away!"
Pulling her flowers away, she added, "He wants to eat the flowers!"
Cruachan just wants the flowers...
Look at that smile!
From lols to casual swooning, the Queen also met with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.
Justin revealed he had a “warm and engaged conversation” during their private audience.
The popular PM gifted Queen Elizabeth with the Canadian flag which flew above the Peace Tower on July 1, in honour of nation's 150th anniversary of Independence.
“It was as it often is, as it always is, a warm and engaged conversation in which she displayed knowledge and interest on a wide range of global affairs and goings-on in Canada," Justin, 45, mused.
“It’s always a pleasure to meet with her.”
Justin is as excited us to greet the Queen.
Since Her Majesty never does anything in halves... She and her Prince made time for a very festive tea party.
The event is national highlight, something locals look forward to every year - a key part of the couple's annual visit to Edinburgh.
Prince Philip was looking extra sharp as he accompanied his wife at the garden party held at their Scottish palace, Holyroodhouse on Tuesday.
The 96-year-old had former members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service swooning, as they shared their experiences during WWII.
The soon-to-be retired-royal appeared to be great health, just two weeks after being released from the hospital, where he was treated for an infection.
We adore her floral hat.
Isn't she lovely!
The Prince is in top form as he charms the former Wrens - members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service.
Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth looked simply divine in a pink and white hat, pink and white coat, all matched to her pink umbrella and three strands of pearls.
Stepping up to her duties, the 91-year-old chatted to the Scottish first minister, along with the 8000 attendees - including government officials, Paralympic medalists, charity workers and locals.
The annual garden party boasts an incredible spread from 15,000 cups of tea, 42 gallons of iced tea, 9,000 strawberry tarts, and 7,000 sandwiches.
We'll raise our shortbread to that!

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