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The Queen's sassy response to royal protocol is hilarious: "It's rubbish!"

Ain't no Queen got time for that.

By Jess Pullar
When you think of the Queen of England, you' probably picture someone prim, proper, and rule-abiding as opposed to someone sassy and rebellious.
But Queen Elizabeth II is not one to be walked over - or following a convention that doesn't make sense. In fact, she's paved her own path when it comes to the age-old institution, and we, quite frankly, love her for it.
Forever our Queen of sass! (Image: Getty)
Michelle Obama has revealed her own moment with the Queen in which her majesty admitted royal protocol|target="_blank") can be rubbish.
It all played out when the former US First Lady was attending a presidential visit with husband Barack, the Queen, and Prince Philip. Understandably, Michelle admitted, she was a complete bag of nerves.
"I had all this protocol buzzing in my head and I was like 'don't trip down the stairs and don't touch anybody, whatever you do," Michelle said.
But the Queen was quick to calm down the 54-year-old.
"And so the Queen says 'just get in, sit wherever' and she's telling you one thing and you're remembering protocol and she says 'Oh it's all rubbish, just get in'."
Whatever you say, Your Highness!
Michelle Obama shared some quirky anecdotes from her day with the Queen in 2016. (Image: Getty)
The engagement in question took place on April 22, 2016, when Barack and Michelle shared a private lunch with Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle.
Michelle, who has proved to be a female powerhouse in her own right by publishing a book named Becoming, also revealed another rather admirable trait that the Queen possesses, and one that many females the world over would appreciate - sympathy for painful high heels!
Michelle wrote that the Queen looked at the black Jimmy Choo's the First Lady was wearing at the time.
Shaking her head, Elizabeth said: "These shoes are unpleasant, are they not?"
"Forget that she sometimes wore a diamond crown and that I'd flown to London on the presidential jet, we were just two tired ladies oppressed by our shoes," Obama mused.
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The telling anecdote comes after it was revealed the Queen also appreciates a bit of friendly banter with her staff, particularly where food is concerned.
While tucking into a nice healthy salad made by her personal kitchen staff, the Queen got a little more than she bargained for when she came across a slimy garden slug.
This sort of slip-up would normally be a cause for some to get mad and send their salad back right where it came from. But Queen Elizabeth the II had other ideas.
According to the Daily Mail, Instead of raising a formal complaint with her kitchen staff, she reportedly ripped a page from a comment book where she usually passes on her satisfaction, and placed the slug on it.
Alongside the slug she cheekily wrote: "I found this in the salad - could you eat it?"
Yick! The Queen had a hilarious interaction with her kitchen staff after coming across a garden slug in her salad. (Image: Getty)
And if that's not enough to prove the Queen really is just like the rest of us, even her beauty cupboard is relateable.
Indeed, the Queen's favoured nail polish is none other than the very accessible Essie Ballet Slippers, which you can buy for a cool $16.95. No royal budget necessary!
According to the Essie website, in 1989 "Queen Elizabeth's hairdresser sends Essie [brand founder Essie Weingarten] a letter requesting ballet slippers - the only colour Her Majesty would wear."