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This adorable never-before-seen picture of the Queen and Princess Charlotte has us swooning

And it's sitting pride of place in Her Majesty's abode!

By Jess Pullar
There's no one quite like Grandma - or Great-Grandma in Princes Charlotte's case.
Indeed, the pair share a very close bond with each other, and that bond is clearer than ever when you see what the Queen keeps pride of place in her home.
A new never-before-seen picture has surfaced of the royal pair, which is sitting on display at Buckingham Palace - and it's got us all swooning.
A never-before-seen picture of the royal pair has surfaced and we're feasting our eyes! (Images: Getty)
In the photograph, which was spotted by eagle-eyed royal fanatics via a snap taken during an engagement with the Queen last week, the royal great-grandma is seen surrounded by her great-grandchildren.
But what really had us enamoured was the fact that young Princess Charlotte is sat perched on Elizabeth's knee.
Can you spot it? A new picture of the Queen and her great-grandchildren sits pride of place in this new image. (Image: AAP)
There they are! In the image, you can make out the Queen and her young great-grandchildren. (Image: AAP)
Going by the image, it looks like it would have been taken a few years ago, with Princess Charlotte looking noticeably younger.
It is also of course missing a rather important addition to the royal clan - Prince Louis!
The image was spotted during an official engagement at the Palace as a new painting of the Queen was unveiled.
The painting itself was commissioned by the RAF Regiment for its 75th anniversary. In the portrait, the Queen is seen sitting in the castle's White Drawing Room.
A stunning new portrait of the Queen was unveiled during the engagement. (Image: AAP)
The Queen's relationship with her great-grandchildren has been well documented, with the young royals having an adorable nickname for the 92-year-old monarch.
Young Prince George is understood to call his Grandmother 'gan-gan', which is almost too cute to handle!
Prince George has an adorable nickname for the Queen! (Image: Getty)
The new image of the Queen and Charlotte comes after a flurry of stunning never before seen photos of the royal family which were released in celebration of Prince Charles' 70th birthday in November.
In a series of images captured by Getty photographer Chris Jackson, Charles and the two generations of royals below him were pictured together in September 2018.
One of the images showed the royals in a particularly candid light, where they were seen smiling and laughing as Prince Louis went to grab Charles' face.
You can view all of the gorgeous images from Prince Charles' 70th birthday album here.
WATCH: Prince Charles doting over his Grandchildren in the garden. Post continues...
It's clear Prince Charles is every bit the doting grandfather you'd expect- not least from evidence in the video above!
When Jackson was capturing the candid family portraits, he said of Charles: "He is a very hands-on grandfather. He was holding hands with George and Charlotte, and bouncing Louis up and down for a long time."
Jackson also said the official photo shoot was "lovely chaos" with the children.
"[Charles] is someone with a sense of pride for his family," he added. "A sense of pride for what his children are achieving."
With pictures and anecdotes galore, it's clear these royals are a tight-knit bunch!

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