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NEW ROYAL PHOTO: The Queen and Prince Philip make a rare appearance for their 73rd wedding anniversary - and there’s a very sweet detail

Excuse us as we weep at the sight.

By Jess Pullar
A glorious new photo of The Queen and Prince Philip has been released to mark their wedding anniversary.
The pair are celebrating 73 years today, a whirlwind journey which has seen them flourish both as a couple, and those they've welcomed into the world.
Which is exactly why it seemed all the more special to see what the iconic couple were looking at in the new picture.
The image, which was captured by Chris Jackson in the Oak Room of Windsor Castle earlier this week, shows the Duke of Edinburgh and The Queen looking at an anniversary card made especially for them by three of their great grandchildren.
Prince William and Duchess Catherine's kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis created the beautiful card for their very regal relatives, and quite frankly, we reckon it's the cutest thing ever.
The beautiful image features The Queen and Philip looking at a card made by their great gradnchildren. (Chris Jackson / via AAP)
The card also sits alongside a series of other letters and well wishes from royal followers.
It comes as the Queen and her husband have been keeping a low profile amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Both Philip and Her Majesty left Buckingham Palace at the beginning of this year as the pandemic came to a head - they now reside mostly at Windsor Castle.

The Palace shared the sweet pic to its Instagram page with a congratulatory note to the royals.
Fans flocked to the image, sharing their own well wishes.
"So glad to see the Duke looking well. They are amazing. Best wishes to them," wrote one.
Another said: "Wishing a happy wedding anniversary to your majesty."
The Duke and the Queen have had a whirlwind journey as a married couple.
Not long after their wedding and welcoming their first children Prince Charles and Princess Anne, the pair were thrust into a new chapter as the then Princess Elizabeth became Queen of England.
Despite many challenges along the way, these two have remained strong as ever.
A huge congratulations to them both - 73 years is nothing to sneeze at!
WATCH: See The Queen and Philip on Buckingham Palace balcony together:

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