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The Queen wore her finest jewels for her latest engagement with Prince Charles - but there was one glaring thing missing

Her Majesty donned her very best ensemble, but fans couldn't help but notice the absence of something very important.

By Jess Pullar
Queen Elizabeth has been known to wear many stunning ensembles in her time, and it would be reasonable to assume a number of them involve a lot of jewels.
But as she stepped out in yet another breathtaking jewel-clad outfit for Parliament's official State Opening on Monday evening, social media couldn't help but notice the absence of one very important thing.
For highly formal affairs like the State Opening of Parliement, Her Majesty has been known to don her very best as she makes her speech to set out the government's agenda for future legislation.
And the event kicked off with plenty of pomp, as Elizabeth and her eldest son Prince Charles arrived at Westminster via a carriage procession from Buckingham Palace.
The Queen looked incredible as she travelled between Buckingham Palace and Westminster in London on Monday. (Getty)
As the Queen made her grand entrance, a few things sprang to mind.
Firstly, the Her Majesty looked incredible in a dazzling white ensemble.
But secondly, it was missing something rather unexpected.
At previous State Parliament Openings, the Queen usually wore the jewel-encrusted Imperial State Crown.
Only this time, she was instead wearing a diamond diadem (the very same one she is depicted as wearing on British coins, no less).
So why did she opt for the sudden change?
The Queen's choice in tiara caused a bit of confusion. (Getty)
As it turns out, there seems to be a very practical reason for it.
The Imperial State Crown is in fact very, very heavy, weighing more than one kilogram alone.
Taking this into account along with the small feat that the Queen is now 93-years-old, we can't really blame her for donning something a little less weighty on her tresses.
Whichever headpiece she chooses, the Queen always looks incredible. (Getty)
The Imperial Crown is no small feature piece - it's encrusted with almost 3,000 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and almost 270 pearls, according to BBC.
No matter what our age, we'd probably opt to keep this one locked up safe, too!
But Elizabeth was in no way short of diamonds for the event. She also wore her stunning diamond Coronation necklace along with her beautiful white Angela Kelly long-sleeved dress.
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Alongside the Queen was her son Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla for the lavish event.
The Duchess of Cornwall also looked incredible in a striking sparkling headpiece, known as the Greville tiara.
There's no denying the royals seriously know how to rock some bling.
Duchess Camilla also looked incredible in a dazzling tiara for the State Opening of Parliament. (Getty)

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