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Queen Elizabeth II unveils brand-new portrait and it's literally breathtaking

The gloves came off and the curtain was lifted.

By Jess Pullar
We're all our own biggest critics, so we're sure Queen Elizabeth II had some jitters when she revealed her brand-new self-portrait in front of a crowd of people.
But you couldn't have asked for a better reaction.
As the red curtain was pulled back, onlookers exclaimed with delight and broke into applause as the stunning portrait was revealed for all to see.
Watch the special moment in the video above!
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The Queen herself looked impressed with the new portrait! (Image: Getty Images)
The portrait was commissioned to mark 100 years of the Royal Air Force Club (RAF), and was painted by Benjamin Sullivan in the White Drawing Room of Windsor Castle.
The picture is an incredible depiction of the Queen, who is seen seated in a powder-blue dress with her trusty black handbag at her feet.
Onlookers broke into applause when the picture was unveiled. (Image: Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth attended the event to mark 100 years of the Royal Air Force Club (Image: Getty Images)
During the event at the RAF club, the Queen mingled with guests and viewed a new stained glass window feature, which was designed to commemorate the role women have had in the RAF over the past century.
Taking off her gloves for this one, the Queen also signed the visitors book - and we got a sneak peek of her famous pale-pink nail polish!
The Queen enjoyed mingling with guests and viewing an impressive stained glass window. (Image: Getty Images)
Known for not promoting or endorsing specific brand, the Queen will only wear one shade of nail polish, Essie Ballet Slippers.
It's not difficult to see why this shade trumps all - it goes with just about any colour, perfect for Queen Elizabeth who is known for donning some bright and bold ensembles.
At the RAF event, the Queen wore a bright blue coat and dress with a matching hat.
The gloves came off as she signed the visitors book. (Image: Getty Images)
The Queen's relationship with the RAF and the British army is an historic one. Earlier this month, the Queen's "most ghastly" day of all was revealed: July 20 1982, the day of the Irish Republican Army's attack on London.
Andrew Parker-Bowles, who was the former husband of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to The Express.
"[Queen Elizabeth] said to me it was 'the most ghastly day of my life'."
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