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The Queen and Margaret Thatcher shared one very fashionable thing in common - and the new season of The Crown captures it perfectly

We can't blame either of them for this.

By Jess Pullar
Queen Elizabeth is one of those fashion stalwarts that you can trust to always get it right.
Indeed the British Monarch is not exactly partial to a fashion faux pas - in fact, the phrase probably isn't even in her vocabulary.
That's why the new season of The Crown has revitalised our love for her fashion taste once again - not least because one of her most iconic outfit staples finally features.
If you, like us, have been binging The Crown's fourth season since it was released on Sunday, you might have noticed The Queen, played by the beloved Olivia Colman, is now looking very at home with her favourite accessory - a small handbag.
The Queen is known for her love of the humble bag, with her brand of choice being Britain's Launer.
The Queen is never without her humble handbag. (Netflix)
And if you didn't spot it already, you definitely will now, no doubt - especially because another key character in the new season, former British PM Margaret Thatcher (played by Gillian Anderson), is also partial to a Launer bag.
And yes, Thatcher was also a fan of the style in real life.
Speaking to PEOPLE, Launer's CEO Gerald Bodmer said: "It's so exciting that they have used some of our bags."
"We are so proud that the Queen and Margaret Thatcher both chose to carry Launer. We took it in our stride back then but as time has evolved, it has taken on a whole new dimension."
Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Thatcher has been widely acclaimed. (Netflix)
One of the Crown scenes you can definitely spot the famous bags is when Thatcher goes to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
In the poignant moment, Thatcher is seen holding the Olympia style, while the Queen has her own placed by her chair.
Royal seal of approval: Launer handbags have long been a favoured brand of The Queen's and this Traviata leather tote bag would add a touch of regal elegance to any ensemble, $2915 from Selfridges. (Image: Launer)
In The Queen and Thatcher's first scene together, the pair are both seen with Launer bags. (Netflix)
While a Launer bag had not appeared in The Crown previously, the team were no less thrilled to be a part of the new season.
"They came to the showroom and just chose lines that Mrs. Thatcher and the Queen had," Bodmer continued.
"The Queen's was exactly the same [as the original] and Mrs. Thatcher's was very similar."

The new season has already made waves among royal fans - particularly given this is the first time we've seen Princess Diana enter the show's dynamic narrative.
In striking scenes, the Princess, played by British up-and-comer Emma Corrin, is thrown into the turbulent world of royal life.
We see her struggle with the press, with Charles' relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles and her own personal demons.
It's a season not to be missed - not least for the many, many fashion wins.

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