British Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth puts her best side forward in new royal portraits taken by Hugo Rittson Thomas

We’re seeing a whole new side to the Queen, quite literally!

By Chloe Lal
A new exhibit by photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas, at the prestigious London art gallery, Eleven has unveiled a new set of royal portraits of the Queen, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall – and they are magnificent!
The famed artist was inspired by Anthony van Dyck’s famous triple portrait of Charles I. Much like the 17th century painting, the photographs captured the front, back and sides of the royals.
The 89-year-old monarch, who’s reigned for the past 62 years, looked majestic in her signature pearls and a royal red coatdress. It was designed by her personal assistant and dressmaker, Angela Kelly.
Queen Elizabeth was beaming in the unique portrait. Artist, Hugo revealed she was a joy to capture on camera.
Hugo revealed that in order to capture the Queen’s huge smile, he asked her how she would feel if she won the Epsom Derby – the one classic that has so far eluded the avid horseracing fan.
The brave photographer also asked her Majesty about her hilarious skit during the London Olympics opening ceremony.
Laughing, he admitted: “I asked if she had enjoyed it and remember her saying she did and that she enjoyed having the corgis in the shoot and how they performed very well.”
It seems like the pair got along brilliantly. There was even a moment when the roles were reversed as the Queen put Hugo at ease after a technical glitch!
The father-of-two looked very dapper in his frontcoat.
Prince George’s father, Prince William looked as dapper as ever, standing tall in his military dress wear, adorned in gold jewels and white gloves.
The 33-year-old’s wife, Duchess Catherine even got some helpful tips that helped her with her photography, from the famed photographer.
“The Duchess was asking some incredibly detailed questions. Now I realise why after her family photos were published – she’s an incredibly accomplished photographer.” Hugo recalled.
The Duchess of Cornwall looked incredible and regal in the cream formal dress.
Camilla, 68, looked beautiful, donning a cream imprinted Bruce Oldfield dress. Crossing her body was a deep blue sash sandwiched in red ribboned, finished with the Duchess wearing a tiara.
"It was a privilege to photograph Her Majesty and other Members of the Royal Family and to blend the history and traditions of Royal life with a modern photographic style," Hugo said of the exhibit of 50 formally posed portraits, which he started working on in 2012.
"I hope people will enjoy seeing these photographs as much as I enjoyed making them."
The exhibit will run from August 19 to September 19.

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