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Queen Elizabeth finds another, rather unexpected way to celebrate on the anniversary of her Coronation

The day may have been slightly more subdued compared to previous years, but one unexpected addition made all the difference.

By Jess Pullar
Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 67 years on the English throne on June 2 - a feat that should in no way be underestimated.
The country's longest reigning Monarch certainly has a lot to say for herself, when you consider how much she has seen and achieved as one of the most iconic leaders in modern history.
But that being said, this year's anniversary of her Coronation looked a little different amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.
Gone were the public celebrations and events to mark the milestone that occurred back in 1953.
Instead, the Queen remains in lockdown at Windsor Castle alongside her husband Prince Philip for the foreseeable future.
The measure is necessary given both she and Philip are in the high risk category - and it's likely we won't be seeing the Queen attend any public engagements any time soon.
But even from isolation, the Queen clearly has other means to be present - and celebrate.
The Queen's Coronation in 1953 - this year marked 67 years since it took place. (Getty)
A keen racing fan, the Queen was no doubt happy to tune into a racing event held in Kempton on the anniversary of her coronation.
And in an exciting, albeit unexpected moment, one of her own horses actually won a race.
The horse in question, named First Receiver, claimed the top spot in the race that was broadcast virtually.
The Queen is an avid horse racing fan. (Getty)
You can no doubt bet that the Queen was there to tune into the race, especially given horse racing has only recently started back up again after an 11-week hiatus in the UK amidst the pandemic.
For the moment, no spectators are allowed at the race physically, though live national broadcasts are ensuring people can still watch.
We can confidently assume that the Queen was enthusiastically one of them!
The Queen was pictured riding her horse, Fern, in Windsor this week. (Associated Press)
Earlier this week, the Palace revealed a series of extremely rare candid snaps from Windsor grounds, where the Queen was seen riding one of her beloved horses, Fern.
In the photos, Elizabeth looks incredibly well and fit, riding the horse just as she has always done - an impressive feat for a 94-year-old!
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To add to the Queen's positive news, it was also revealed this week that the annual Trooping the Colour event will still take place... in a slightly different way.
The annual royal spectacle will not be going ahead in its traditional format this year due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Instead, a "mini" Trooping the Colour will take place, according to the Daily Mail.
Taking place on Saturday, June 13, the parade "will involve a small contingent of men from his regiment, the Welsh Guards, accompanied by a rather diminished group of the massed Bands of the Household Division," according to writer Sebastian Shakespeare.
With horse rides, horse wins and a new and unique celebration to look forward to, we reckon the Queen is having a rip roaring start to the month!

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