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The Queen was reunited with a very cheeky horse at Balmoral Castle

Her Majesty has arrived in Scotland for her summer holidays.

By Alex Lilly
There are few who can get away with breaking royal protocol when the Queen is present, but back in 2017 one horse did just that.
During a visit to Stirling Castle at that time, Shetland pony Cruachan IV who is mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland boldly tried to eat the Queen's flowers. And now, two years later, the Queen has been reunited with the cheeky horse.
Traditionally, when Her Majesty arrives at her Scottish residence of Balmoral, she inspects the Balaklava Company, part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
Back in 2017 when Cruachan attempted to take a chomp of her flowers, the Queen told the horse to "go away" before patting him on the nose and noting, "They always try to eat the flowers."
But as she arrived for her 2019 summer getaway dressed in a powder blue ensemble, the Queen patted the horse and smiled as she inspected the guards.
The cheeky pony once tried to eat the Queen's flowers. (Image: Getty Images)
This isn't the first royal Cruachan has had the pleasure of meeting.
Back in 2018 when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were a newly-engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the couple visited Edinburgh Castle and met the cheeky horse themselves.
In fact, in a video shared by Kensington Palace, Cruachan showed his mischievous side and at one stage tried to take a swipe at Harry's hand. Luckily, the prince managed to pull his hand away just in time, before playfully reprimanding the pony.
Clearly he has a taste for royals!
Cruachan even tried to take a bite out of Prince Harry back in 2018! (Image: Getty Images)
Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, Balmoral is one of the Queen's favourite places to unwind and get back to nature with her nearest and dearest.
Speaking on the documentary Our Queen At Ninety, Princess Eugenie said, "Walks, picnics, dogs – a lot of dogs, there's always dogs – and people coming in and out all the time. It's a lovely base for Granny and Grandpa, for us to come and see them up there; where you just have room to breathe and run,"
"It's the most beautiful place on earth," she added. "I think Granny is the most happy there. I think she really, really loves the Highlands."
WATCH: The Queen and her grandkids at Balmoral.

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