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The Queen and Prince Philip have received the COVID-19 vaccine, but there's another reason why this was a history-making event

The Duke and The Queen are on the country's priority list as the vaccine rolls out.

By Jess Pullar
On Saturday, January 9th, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II received the COVID-19 vaccine.
The event itself was not unusual per se, the rollout of the vaccinations (of which two injections, spaced apart, are required), but the way in which it was broadcast to the world marked a unique moment for the royals - and it'll be a moment both they themselves and their fans will likely not forget.
In a statement released to media on the same day, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed: "The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have today received Covid-19 vaccinations."
A royal source also confirmed both vaccinations had been administered by a "Household Doctor at Windsor Castle."
It is understood the pair continue to isolate at Windsor for the time being while the pandemic continues.
The Queen has officially received the first of the COVID-19 vaccinations. (Getty)
It's interesting to see the Palace make the news public, especially given the royals tend to keep their private lives away from the public eye.
And almost as though we were waiting to ask the question, the Palace spokesperson answered it for us.
In response to why the news was publicly announced, they explained: "To prevent inaccuracies and further speculation, Her Majesty decided that she would let it be known she has had the vaccination."
The Palace revealed why it had made the personal news public. (Buckingham Palace)
The vaccination has certainly come at high time for the country, it is currently enduring its third lockdown, and potentially its deadliest phase of the pandemic as hospitals are stretched to full capacity.
A new, more contagious strain of the virus was detected in the country late last year, which has added to the rapid increase in COVID cases.
With that in mind, and with The Queen aged 94 and Philip 99, it's comforting to hear those that are most at risk of suffering more from the virus are getting prioritised.
The Queen has modernised and adapted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. (Buckingham Palace)
While big royal events are not high on the agenda this year, we can fully expect to continue seeing the royals at work in other, modernised ways.
For example, even The Queen has mastered the art of the humble Zoom call, having partaken in several publicised video chats last year.
Duchess Catherine and Prince William are also professionals at the new go-to virtual meeting format.
We can't wait to see what other ways the royals continue to adapt to the times this year.
WATCH: Princess Anne helps The Queen on a Zoom call:

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