Hats off to Her Maj! The Queen's best ever millinery moments

Queen Elizabeth is a walking rainbow thanks to her impressive headwear haul.

By Bella Brennan
Queen Elizabeth may be revered for her stiff upper lip but when it comes to her personal style, she couldn't be more liberated.
You'll never catch the monarch rocking boring black... In fact, the brighter the hue the better!
At 91, Britain's leading lady continues her flawless, fashionable reign and it's one accessory in particular that has us raising our tea cups in awe.
No matter the occasion, you'll most likely always see The Queen sporting a stunning hat on her royal head. Honourable mentions go out to her classic pearl necklaces, mini-purses and a glove collection that would leave Mickey Mouse speechless.
As her daughter-in-law Sophie of Wessex explains, the monarch is very strategic when it comes to her ensembles.
"Don't forget that when she turns up somewhere, the crowds are two, three, four, ten, 15 deep, and someone wants to be able to say they saw a bit of the Queen's hat as she went past. She needs to stand out for people to be able to say 'I saw the Queen,'" Sophie says of The Queen's eye-catching ensembles.
Her most beloved milliner is Rachel Trevor-Morgan, who has created bespoke hats for events like Royal Ascot, state meetings and royal birthdays.
To celebrate her 92nd birthday, scroll down to relive some of The Queen's best hats from over the years!

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