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Awkward... The Queen reportedly banned this "yuppie" name originally picked out for Princess Beatrice

It turns out Beatrice's regal title has quite the back story!

When royal baby names are announced, there's a very special person who finds out exactly what it will be before anyone else.
We are of course, talking about Queen Elizabeth II, who, along with a myraid of other duties, is also in charge of approving the names of the generations below her.
In recent times, it seems Her Majesty has been a fan of all the usual suspects - George, Charlotte and Louis are all very royally appropriate.
And even the lightly less traditional Archie Harrison, announced as the official name of Meghan and Harry's new tot was pre-approved by Elizabeth herself.
But now, it's emerged there was another royal baby name put forward for a very well-known royal which none of us knew about - and it's understood to be one of the only one's the Queen has taken issue with.
Enter Princess Beatrice, affectionately known as Bea.
While we can't imagine the red-headed royal to be known by any other name, it has been revealed that the Queen reportedly had a very keen say in the matter.
According to report from The Sun, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson wanted to call their eldest daughter Annabel.
But as for the Queen? Well apparently, she had other ideas....
Awkward - the Queen wasn't keen on a name originally picked out for Princess Beatrice, according to reports. (Getty)
Sources claimed the Queen believed the name Annabel to be too "yuppie".
Yep, you read that right - the term is commonly used to describe someone of middle class - awkward!
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What's more, it seems the Queen herself was the one who originally suggested the name Beatrice, with the Express reporting that Elizabth put forward the name which was the same as Queen Victoria's youngest child.
And there is a connection here - when Her Majesty gave birth to Prince Andrew, Beatrice's dad, it marked the first time a Monarch had given birth during their reign since the original Beatrice was born to Queen Victoria in 1857.
Well there you go!
It turns out Beatrice's name has quite an interesting back-story! (Getty)
While it's normal for a slight delay between a royal baby's birth and their name announcement, Fergie and Andrew took a particularly long time to announce Bea's - two weeks in fact!
This, compared to just days between baby Archie's birth and his name announcement all but confirms there was a bit of back and forth.
Imagine a world with Princess Annabel... we think it has a bit of a ring to it, if we're honest!
The Queen has the last say when it comes to royal baby names! (Getty)

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