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Singing in the rain goes regal thanks to Princess Mary and her Danish Royal Family

The Aussie Princess just had the most magical day with her loved ones.

By Chloe Lal
Not even dreary weather could stop the entire Danish Royal Family from brightening up the day.
Princess Mary, Prince Frederik and their kids Prince Christian, 11, Princess Isabella, 10, and six year old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, accompanied Queen Margrethe as they attendees at Ringsted horse ceremony.
Isabella is thoroughly amused by the rain!
It was all fun and games for Mary and Queen Margrethe, though Josephine isn't convinced.
The 77-year-old accepts a bouquet from a rider.
Doesn't she look lovely!
The annual event was held outside the grounds of their Grasten Palace, where the family are currently vacationing.
The competition is a traditional medieval art of tilting in South Jutland, where competitors ride horseback with lances towards a ring of reducing size.
But it seems the family were more excited by the rain.
A giggle between the family.
Say cheese!
Josephine loved the horses.
Showing off her Princess moves.
The Queen, who recently turned 77, looked majestic in a very bright and colourful raincoat.
And it's no surprise she opted for such an artistic piece, with Margrethe famously sharing her love for the arts, musing, "I hope I will be able to paint as long as I live!"
Meanwhile, Mary donned a fun summery skirt, which she protected with a sturdy raincoat.
The look picture perfect!
No rain could dampen the Tassie royal.
The family are on holidays.
The Tasmanian-born beauty's little ones all rocked puffer jackets, looking thoroughly amused by the traditional fanfare outside their holiday home.
Crown Prince Frederik, who recently rung in his 49th birthday, looked especially handsome, embracing a new stubbly appearance.
The entire family are clearly having a blast on their annual summer getaway.
Mary and Fred have been taking the kids to Grasten for years, the Palace belonged to the Prince's grandmother Queen Ingrid.
Cuddles for mum.
The queen has always adored horses.
A royal wave!

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