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The beautiful sentiment behind Princess Eugenie's wedding goody bags

They were so much more than a goody bag.

By Jess Pullar
Weddings are full of fun surprises, from the wedding dress reveal to the tell-all speeches, there's always something that is bound to turns heads.
But out of everything, there's one part everyone can agree on looking forward to: the gift that the bride and groom give their guests - and in this instance, the public!
Princess Eugenie's wedding was no different, with the couple giving out goody bags, but it wasn't so much the contents that was the best thing, rather, it was how they came together that really meant something special.
The sentiment behind Princess Eugenie's wedding goody bags have been revealed by her dad Prince Andrew. (Image: Getty Images)
Almost a week following his daughter's royal wedding to Jack Brooksbank, doting dad Prince Andrew took to Instagram to share how the goody bags came about.
He revealed that the Women's Interlink Foundation, which helps to rescue young women who have been exposed to domestic abuse trafficking into the sex trade by teaching them craft skills so they are able to earn an income, had put the goody bags together.
He wrote: "The Women's Interlink Foundation produced the fantastic goody bags that were given out to the members of the public who were invited inside the precinct of Windsor Castle for the Wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank last Friday."

In the series of images he posted, Andrew is pictured meeting the Foundation's founder Aloka Mitra. She is understood to be close to the family, attending the royal wedding on Friday herself.
Eugenie has also been vocal about the Foundation, speaking about it in a rare interview ahead of her wedding on podcast Global GoalsCast in September.
During the interview, she spoke candidly about modern day slavery and how a trip to India inspired her to fight against it through the initiative Antislavery Collective.
Princess Eugenie has been vocal in speaking out for social causes. (Image: Getty Images)
Eugenie and long-time pal Julie de Boinville talked about visiting Calcutta in 2013 where they met Aloka.
"Jules and I, that was the first time we ever really saw what modern slavery was and human trafficking and what really that is in the modern age, " Eugenie said.
After the trip, Eugenie helped to set up the Key to Freedom fashion label which has been successfully introduced into stores like Topshop.
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Eugenie's family is well known for their dedicated charity work. In July, Eugenie shared a touching post to Instagram about the work her mother, Sarah Ferguson was doing for children in crisis.
She wrote: "My wonderful mother @sarahferguson15 has merged her charity @childrenincrisis with @streetchilduk . Together they will strive to provide children with education and ensure that every child has the chance to go to school and learn. So happy to see charities coming together for a common goal!"