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Princess Eugenie shows her scoliosis scar in her most raw and honest Instagram post yet

The royal has spent years normalising the condition and its after-effects.

By Jess Pullar
Princess Eugenie has connected with her fans in a unique and raw way after sharing a new image of her scoliosis scar on Instagram.
The 30-year-old Princess has been vocal about her experience with scoliosis, and famously had her wedding dress designed to show off the scar especially.
Now, her latest bare-all post has proven yet again that it's the tough times that only make you stronger.
Posting an image of the back of her neck on Instagram, the Princess' scar is clearly visible in the candid picture.
"Today is International Scoliosis Awareness Day," the Princess began.
"I just wanted to share my scar and encourage anyone out there who's gone through something similar to share theirs with me. Let's be proud of our scars! I'd love to repost any of your images on my stories so please tag me and I will share."
The Princess shared this raw image of her scoliosis scar with her 1 million-strong following. (Instagram / @PrincessEugenie)
Eugenie's fan base, which includes more than one million followers on Instagram, took to the image to share their admiration for seeing the Princess show this side of herself.
"I have had this surgery in October 2019 and you truly help me to not be ashamed of my scar and to proudly show it as it is a part of me now," wrote one.
Another said: "My daughter has a scar from spinal surgery.... thank you for showing her that it's nothing to be ashamed of. You are beautiful inside and out."
One fan quoted the famous poet Rumi, sharing: "A wound is where the light enters".
Eugenie has been open and transparent about her scoliosis scar over the years. (Getty)
Eugenie has worked hard to normalise the condition throughout the years.
On her October 2018 wedding day, the Princess left fans breathless with her stunning wedding dress design, which featured a deep V cut at the back which showed off her scar.
Later revealed to have been at the request of the royal herself, the Peter Piloto and Christopher de Vos design was nothing short of breathtaking.
The Princess specifically requested her wedding dress feature a low back in order to show her scar. (Getty)
In January 2018, the Princess opened up about her experience with scoliosis with the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.
In an article on its website, the Princess explained how she was diagnosed with scoliosis at just 12 years old.
"This was, of course, a scary prospect for a 12-year-old; I can still vividly remember how nervous I felt in the days and weeks before the operation. But my abiding memories of the RNOH, where the surgery was carried out, are happy ones - everyone there was so warm and friendly, and they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and relaxed," she said.
The royal underwent an eight hour operation, which involved doctors inserting eight-inch titanium rods into each side of her spine.
"After three days in intensive care, I spent a week on a ward and six days in a wheelchair, but I was walking again after that."
The Princess later became a Patron of the hospital's Redevelopment Appeal.
"Without the care I received at the RNOH I wouldn't look the way I do now; my back would be hunched over. And I wouldn't be able to talk about scoliosis the way I now do, and help other children who come to me with the same problem."

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