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Princess Diana’s unlikely suitor

He saw her as “the ultimate trophy wife” and pursued her with a vigour that made Diana feel like he was “stalking” her.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump spent thousands of dollars on orchids and roses in an effort to seduce the late Princess of Wales, after her divorce from Prince Charles.
The Sun newspaper says Trump apparently saw Diana as “the ultimate trophy wife”.
“He bombarded her with flowers after her marriage (to Prince Charles) broke up,” the Sun says, but Diana told her friend, the UK broadcaster Selina Scott, that Trump “gives me the creeps”.
Donald Trump
The report says “roses and orchids piled up in Diana's apartment” she began to feel like the billionaire businessman “was stalking her”.
“When she died in the tragic accident in Paris in 1997 Trump told friends his biggest regret was that they hadn't dated,” the report says.
In his book The Art of the Comeback, published in 1997, Trump wrote: “I only have one regret in the women department - that I never had the opportunity to court Lady Diana Spencer.”
“I met her on a number of occasions. I couldn't help but notice how she moved people. She lit up the room with her charm, her presence. She was a genuine princess - a dream lady.”
Just imagine: if Diana had lived - and in the unlikely event that she had found herself susceptible to Trump's charm - she might now be part of Trump's campaign for the White House.
She may even have found herself in the White House with her second husband, while her first husband still waits to become King.
Sadly for history, Diana did not live, and Donald went on to marry a former beauty queen called Melania.
The New York Post today reports that if Trump gets elected, Melania will become – as far as anyone knows – the first First Lady to have posed nude on a bearskin rug.
That was in Melania's modelling days. She now has a son with Trump. He’s called Barron. He’s only nine but wears shirts and ties and blazers like his Dad and she rubs caviar into his skin after his nightly bath. True: proof here.

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