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Princess Diana’s island grave shamefully neglected

Earl Spencer has been SLAMMED over the state of his sister’s island resting place by Princess Diana’s former personal Chef who has spoken out via social media.
Darren McGrady, the former Royal Chef to Princess Diana took to Twitter over the weekend, posting pictures of Diana’s final resting place on an island in a lake at Earl Spencer’s Althorp Estate in Northamptonshire.
The photos were accompanied by a scathing messages to Earl Spencer from the former royal chef as he claimed: “If I cared for Princess Diana in life as you are doing in death I would have been fired.”
Darren spent 11 years working at Buckingham Palace as a Royal Chef and later worked at Kensington Palace for Diana as her private chef after her divorce from Charles. Darren is now based in Dallas, Texas where (his website states) he works as a “chef, author, culinary consultant, event planner and public speaker”.
Left: Diana's former personal chef Darren McGrady. Right: Diana's brother Earl Spencer
Darren’s images appear to show the lake covered in algae while the island looks wild and overgrown.
A spokesperson for Althorp Estate told the MailOnline: “Algae is an unsightly problem for many lakes in the summer months.”
“Althorp employs contractors to deal with what is a highly invasive and fast-growing weed on a regular basis, and the Althorp gardeners also tackle it as part of their summer programme - the exceptional temperatures of this summer have made the task of keeping it entirely under control extremely difficult.”
Above: Darren's highly critical tweets, slamming Earl Spencer for the state of Diana's island memorial
The spokesperson added that Earl Spencer takes his responsibility for the site “extremely seriously”.
No doubt Prince William and Harry would not be happy to see the current state of their mother’s memorial. Although it was reported recently that Duchess Catherine has been taking baby Prince George on visits to Diana’s London memorial playground in Hyde Park to pay tribute to her husband’s beloved mother.

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