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Princess Diana’s brother pays tribute on the anniversary of her death while royals remain quiet

Plus, why fans are so frustrated with Prince Charles.

By Maddison Leach
Princess Diana's death has been remembered 24 years after she was killed in a devastating car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.
Millions mourned for the 'People's Princess' in the wake of her passing and in now tributes flood in every year on the anniversary of her death.
This year her brother Charles Spencer shared a moving tribute, but members of the royal family have faced backlash for keeping quiet on the sad anniversary.
Diana's brother posted an emotional photo on Instagram to mark the 24th anniversary of her tragic death.
He posted a single image of a flag flying half-mast at Althorp House, the historic residence he and Diana called home as children.

The official Instagram account for the residence also shared a photo to mark the sad anniversary, posting a snap of the sun shining through the trees on the estate's grounds.
"These trees are English oak, some of which are over 200 years old," the photo was captioned.
"In 1998-1999 Earl Spencer arranged for the planting of a new avenue of oak trees in memory of his sister, Diana, Princess of Wales.
"There are 36 of these oaks, one for each year of her life."
Earl Charles Spencer and Princess Diana as children together. (Getty)
Charles Spencer's tribute to the late princess was one of the few shared by her remaining friends and family.
Prince William and Prince Harry chose not to share public tributes on the anniversary of their mother's death, instead marking the day in private.
It officially opened to the public on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of her passing, with people flooding in to pay tribute.
Meanwhile, their father and Diana's ex-husband, Prince Charles, received criticism for choosing not to acknowledge the tragic anniversary.
Instead, he and wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shared a virtual tour of their Clarence House residence to Twitter and Instagram.
It sparked fan backlash, with comments questioning why the royals would share such a "tone-deaf" post on the anniversary of Diana's passing.
"Dear Prince Charles, 24 years ago, the mother of the future King, the mother of your two boys...tragically died. Maybe a little word to remember her..." one person wrote.

Another said: "Why post this on this day ?? Rest in peace princess Diana 💔💔"
Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in 1981 and shared sons William and Harry, before divorcing in 1996.
Charles' affair with Camilla, as well as Diana's own extramarital relationships were both cited as reasons for the split.
Diana subsequently left the royal family and was starting to carve out a new life for herself before her sudden passing in 1997.

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