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A mother's touch: Princess Diana's parenting sparkle lives on in Duchess Kate

These photos of Diana and Kate with their kids will warm your heart.

By Chloe Lal
It's no surprise that many have drawn comparisons to the Princess of Wales and her daughter-in-law, Duchess Catherine.
Although they never met, they're both the two leading women in Prince William's life and as the palace confirm Duchess Catherine is in labour with her third child, there's no doubt Princess Diana will be looking down on them.
20 years after Diana's death, her legacy burns bright in her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry - with the brothers carrying on their mother's inspiring philanthropic work.
But Diana's spirit is also touching the next generation of royals.
From what the public have seen so far, it's evident the Duchess of Cambridge shares the Princess of Wales' nurturing and maternal nature when it comes to her darling kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
Scroll through to see Princess Diana and Duchess Catherine's precious parenting moments!

A prince is born

On July 22, in 1982, the world was halted in its step when Princess Diana and Princes Charles welcomed the heir to the throne and their firstborn, Prince William.
On July 23, 2013, history repeated itself. Outside the Lindo Wing, The Cambirdges introduced their son Prince George to the world.

Park time plays

In April, 1983, Prince William embarked on a very early first - an international royal tour to New Zealand. Less than a year old, the little tot smiled at cameras as he did a little jig (with Diana's help), in a local Auckland park.
Someone's taken after their daddy. In June 2014, king crawler Prince George had mum Kate running after him as he took in the plush grass at the polo.

Now that's a royal hair sweep

Nothing like mum giving you a comforting fringe sweep. Last year George showed his sister the ropes at Trooping the Colour. Meanwhile Diana and Wills share a sweet moment at the polo in 1988.

Walking, talking tots

Prince William was just 18 months when this snap was taken at Kensington Palace.
His royal sweet cheeks marked his first birthday with this darling snap from a visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.

His Royal Grumpy Pants

Royal mums in the spotlight know you need to get on with the show... Even when your bub doesn't want to.
Wills, back in 1987, wasn't too pleased... Despite being on holidays in Spain. As for son George, nearly 30 years later, he totally mastered the art of looking unimpressed during his first tour of Oz.

Under mummy's watchful eye

Diana gave the world unprecedented access with this sweet snap with her son in 1985.
A year ago, we got to see Catherine in mum mode with her kids during their Canada tour.

Snow bunnies

Acting all kinds of chill in the snow... Diana with her boys in Austria back in 1991. William and Kate continued the vacay tradition this time heading to the French Alps with their mini-mes.

Time for take off

Somewhere down the line, blue became the official royal colour. The People's Princess arrives in Scotland with her cherubs back in March, 1986.
Taking a leaf out of her mother-in-law's book, Kate dressed George and Charlotte in navy hues as they touched down in Canada last year.

Holy Sundays

Nothing like a crisp morning church service to kick off your Christmas. Whether it's Diana with Will back in 1994, or Kate with Charlotte and George - the little ones' Christmas spirit is just as bright.

A bird's eye view

Prince Harry was delighted when his mum took him to the Royal Airforce back in 1991.
And his nephew was equally as excited 25 years later.

Straight off the plane

Look at baby Harry, pictured here in 1991.
Prince George is especially disinterested.

The royal point with one unimpressed sibling

Diana had to tend to two young kids during 1988's Trooping the Colour. Prince Harry seems to be delighted by the crowds below, future King William seems less than fussed... A trait passed down to his son.
This time, fourth-in-line to the throne Princess Charlotte seems to be bored by the fanfare... Unlike her big brother who has discovered there's much to be appreciated by the age-old tradition.
Oh look! Princess Charlotte has discovered the art of the royal point.

Mummy's little adventurist

Diana, pictured with Harry and William in 1986, always wanted to give her kids a grounded upbringing, doing things any kid would want to do.
And from everything we've seen with the Cambridges, Kate is doing the exact same thing with her kids.