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Princess Charlotte is the spitting image of her late grandmother in a new royal video, and suffice to say we're all in bits

We'll just be over here sobbing into our tea cakes.

By Jess Pullar
The royal children (AKA Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis) officially never fail to bring a smile to our dials - and their latest foray into the public sphere does nothing to quell the blissful feat.
In a brand new video shared by Kensington Royal, the three young royals, aged seven, five and two, respectively, have joined in a very important conversation - and it's left fans in various states of meltdown due to several ridiculously adorable details.
On Sunday, the Palace shared a rare and unique video of the three Cambridge children as they spoke to none other than Sir David Attenborough as he promotes his new film David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet.
In the sweet clip, each of the royal kids are seen speaking to the camera and asking David a question about the natural world.
In the first clip, Prince George asks David, "Hello David Attenborough, what animal do you think will become extinct next?"
David gives him a lengthy explanation, telling George that he hopes, in actual fact, that no animals will become extinct next.
Prince George led the sibling trio with a solid question to start. (Kensington Royal)
In the second adorable clip, a shy Princess Charlotte tentatively asked David, "Hello David Attenborough, I like spiders, do you like spiders too?"
David enthusiastically tells Charlotte that he also happens to be a big fan of spiders.
Princess Charlotte was shy as she asked David her question. (Kensington Royal)
But it's the final clip of Prince Louis that's really stolen the hearts of quite literally every single person to watch the clip.
Calmly and confidently, two-year-old Louis asks David, "What animal do you like?"
Sorry, this is far too much for a Monday morning...

In the comments section of the clip, fans rightfully lost the plot at the cuteness of the video.
"It's so nice to hear their voices! Cuteness overload!" Wrote one fan.
Another added: "They are so cute, he answers them very simply and clearly for their age."
One fan also pointed out a very notable feat: "I just realised that I never heard their voices."
The video marked the very first time we'd heard Louis speak. (Kensington Royal)
There was also another element to the video fans were struck by - Prince Louis' resemblance to another member of his immediate family.
Indeed, if you look back in the archives, you might notice a distinct similarity the young royal has to his great uncle - Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer.
And of course, there's really no denying how Princess Charlotte is increasingly taking after her late grandmother, Princess Diana.
When you think about it, these kids really are growing up far too quickly.
Prince Louis and his great uncle Earl Spencer are certainly not un-alike... (Kensington Royal / Getty)
And Princess Charlotte is known to be a dead ringer for Diana. (Kensington Royal / Getty)

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