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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge: the name that took the world’s breath away

Middle names Elizabeth and Diana were touching tributes to the new royal’s maternal figures but why Charlotte?

By Blake Nadilo
Kensington Palace announced the very royal name of the new Princess yesterday and there’s no doubt it’s the perfect fit for the newest member of the monarchy.
Charlotte was one of the favourite among punters due to its traditional ancestral ties while also serving as a nod to the new royal’s grandfather.
The name Charlotte means ‘strong’ and is the feminine form of royal favourite and the Princess’ grandfather, Prince Charles.
Making it even more sentimental is the fact Charlotte is Kate’s younger sister, Pippa Midddleton’s middle name – her full name being Philippa Charlotte Middleton.
The new Princess has big shoes to fill, her namesake Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was an impressive woman.
Queen Charlotte of Great Britain ruled from 1761 until 1818. She had a reputation as being kind, elegant and a patron of the arts, who sponsored musicians such as Bach and Mozart.
Queen Charlotte is also the reason Buckingham Palace exists as her husband, King George III, bought it for her as a private retreat in 1761, it was then known as Buckingham House.
The BBC's royal correspondent Peter Hunt said the Queen and other senior royals were told of the baby's name before the announcement was made public.
He also added that when a Kensington Palace official was asked about the naming choice they responded: "We'll let the names speak for themselves."
And it certainly does.Middle names Elizabeth and Diana are a poignant tribute to the inspirational women who raised Prince William.
Elizabeth has a long royal history, with it being the name of the Princess Cambridge’s great-grandmother and Britain’s longest-serving Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who came to the throne in 1952 at just 25-year-old and is still ruling today.
It was also the name of the late Queen mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, while also paying homage to the Duchess of Cambridge who has the same middle name.
The Duke of Cambridge’s uncle and Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer was thrilled about the naming decision, with the 50-year-old journalist taking to twitter to express his joy that his daughter also shares a similar name, further adding to the tribute to the late Diana, who tragically passed away in 1997.
“Perfect names. My 2-year-old Charlotte Diana will be thrilled at the cousinly name sharing,” the Earl then added about his own daughter: “Is at an age where think world revolves around her.”
There’s also much speculation about what the news bub’s nickname may be - top guesses so far say Charley or Lottie. Too cute!

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