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Princess Beatrice's fury: Duchess Kate ruined my wedding!

With news of Duchess Catherine’s second pregnancy dominating headlines, the young Princess Beatrice is reportedly furious at having to postpone her nuptials as her spotlight is stolen.
Woman’s Day understands Princess Beatrice was preparing to confirm that, after seven years of dating, she and her boyfriend Dave Clark are getting married. But before the official press release could be distributed, Kate and Prince William made their own announcement – that Catherine is pregnant with baby (or babies) number two.
Much to Princess Beatrice’s dismay, her royal rival the Duchess of Cambridge has unknowingly blown her engagement plans out of the water – again.
What’s more, Beatrice, 26, was intent on a spring wedding – but with the new fourth in line to the throne due to be born around that time, the excitement is predicted to eclipse her planned Westminster Abbey extravaganza.
Above: Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend of seven years Dave Clark were expected to announce their engagement
It’s no secret among royal circles that Beatrice has had a private rivalry with Kate ever since Prince William proposed, instantly making her the darling of the British media.
Since then, Kate has scored all the plum royal engagements, attending glittering balls and going on global tours, while Beatrice, who will be pushed down to seventh in line to the throne when Kate’s baby arrives, has been relegated to cutting ribbons at country hospitals.
“Bea feels Kate is hogging all the limelight and it’s not fair,” a royal insider tells us. “She thought by announcing her engagement to Dave, they would be foremost in people’s thoughts across the Commonwealth for the next six or eight months.”
According to our insider, jealous Bea is furious the spotlight has landed back with Kate.
“As far as Bea is concerned, Kate is still just a commoner. She’s always quick to remind people that according to official protocol she still outranks her,” we’re told.
“And yet the public seem to prefer Kate – at times even her sister Pippa has had more attention than Beatrice and Eugenie. Of course, the sisters find it infuriating.”
Read more about Beatrice and Catherine’s ongoing rivalry in this week’s Woman’s Day, on sale Monday September 22, 2014.

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