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Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark end their 10-year romance

The royals had hopes for a fairy tale wedding for the young princess and her strapping man.

By Elizabeth Best
After 10 years together, Princess Beatrice of York and her boyfriend of 10 years, Dave Clark, have decided to split.
Insiders confirmed the sad news to Hello magazine, reporting the pair took a break from their relationship a month ago after “make or break” discussions on their future together.
The pair had reportedly not been able to reach an agreement on whether or not they should get married, and the relationship broke down.
The news is said to have “completely shocked” Beatrice’s parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Duchess of York, not to mention her sister Princess Eugenie.
The couple were reportedly discussing whether or not they should be married when they decided to part ways.
Reportedly there was a fair amount of pressure on Dave to propose.
“They broke up a month ago. It was all very mutual and amicable," a source close to the family revealed.
“After ten years together, they needed to work out what they both wanted and have some space.”
Adding, "It could be that once they have had some time apart, they might decide to get back together.”
When you see how happy Beatrice and Dave were in the clip below, it's hard to believe they're not together anymore. Post continues.
The news comes just weeks after Beatrice quit her job.
According to reports, the pressure was starting to mount on Dave to propose after the birth of Princess Charlotte pushed Beatrice back to seventh in line to the throne, which meant she no longer had to ask Queen Elizabeth’s permission to marry.
The Duchess of York is said to be heartbroken for her daughter.
Fergie is also particularly upset with the news, as she had considered Dave to be “part of the family”.
Fergie has always been incredibly supportive of her daughter's relationship with Dave.
"Sarah is particularly sad it didn’t work out,” another source said.
"They have been together longer than most marriages last."
The 27-year-old princess has been very accommodating and supportive of her now ex-boyfriend, having travelled to live with him in the US.
Prince William originally introduced the pair at a birthday party back in 2006.
Watch Princess Beatrice share a special moment with her mum Fergie below.

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