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Princess Beatrice salary revealed by hackers

It looks like Princess Beatrice isn’t getting the royal treatment with her job at Sony and gets paid even less than a commoner.
Princess Beatrice, the fifth grandchild of The Queen, has been working at Sony Pictures’ London office since the start of the year.
The company have been on the receiving end of a massive cyber-attack, with salaries of more than 6,000 employees, including Princess Beatrice’s, being disclosed.
The hackers call themselvesGuardians of Peace, who revealed last week the personal salary of actors James Franco and Seth Rogen, who appear in the Sony filmThe Interview.
Their recent attack revealed Princess Beatrice’s job title, salary and home address were shared.
According to Forbes, the papers revealed that the daughter of Prince Andrew – who is sixth in line to the British throne – earned a humble starting salary of £19,500 (approx. $33, 200) at the film company in her first year.
Beatrice’s position was listed as “Intermed Coord, Prod,” or “intermediate coordinating producer”, and her address was listed as Windsor, Berkshire.
The royal press office is yet to comment, however, a spokesperson told PEOPLE that "Princess Beatrice continues to work full-time in the business sector."

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