British Royal Family

Princess Beatrice's quirky take on Halloween

The Royal is living her best single life!

By Ruth Devine
Just before we throw the rapidly rotting carved pumpkin onto the compost, finish off the last of the kids' trick-or-treat stash and race headlong into the three-month festival that is Christmas, a certain Royal has come out all guns blazing with her own particular take on Halloween.
Step forward, Princess Beatrice. Or should we say 'canter'?
HRH Princess Unicorn of York arrives at Annabel's nightclub in London for Halloween. (Image: Getty Images)
For the eldest progeny of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York appeared as a quirky unicorn at posh London nightspot Annabel's Halloween bash.
From the somewhat startled look on her face (unicorns are like that with a pap's flash going off) to the silvery purple wig she wore adorned with an interesting horn headpiece, Princess Bea had the spooky look down pat.
Not that it's the first time the Princess has dressed up for Halloween. Arriving at the UNICEF Halloween Ball in 2013, the Royal was pictured in a fetching feline get up as a really-not-very-spooky-at-all cat. In fact, she looked rather gorgeous.
"I'm feline purrfect, thank you." Princess Beatrice at UNICEF's Halloween Ball in 2013. (Image: Getty Images)
But that was back in the day when she was still happily ensconced with long-term partner Dave Clark.
Indeed, the couple was together for 10 years before calling it a day in 2016 when reportedly Princess Beatrice realised Dave, who works for Uber, was never going to do the decent thing.
Dave Clark: Goneski. (Image: Getty Images)
And by "decent" we mean both putting a ring on it and realising that a "Dave" marrying into the Royal Family was just not the done thing.
Sidenote: Dave, 33, went on to marry one Lynn Anderson last July in a swanky beachside wedding in Italy. See? Dave and Lynn. Much better.
WATCH: Princess Beatrice and sister Princess Eugenie greet crowds without the aid of startling hats.
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We digress. At the age of 30, Princess Bea has been happily single for two years now.
Correction: ferociously happy and single. It's obvious by the way she dresses that this is one lady who's realised she doesn't need a man to be fulfilled. Dubious headgear, yes. Men, no.
"Dave who?" (Image: Getty Images)
Since we last saw her supporting little sister, Princess Eugenie at her wedding to Jack Brooksbank earlier this month where she acted as Eugenie's Maid of Honour (aka their mother's carer) and wowed the crowds of well-wishers who lined the route to St George's Chapel in Windsor in her vibrant blue Ralph & Russo dress, the busy royal has been rushed off her feet.
In between her New York day job as Vice President of software company Afiniti and preventing Fergie from developing RSI from repeatedly posting shots of Eugenie and Jack's wedding on Instagram, Bea's flown to Laos to compete in the Luang Prabang Half Marathon to benefit the Lao Friends Hospital for Children.
Currently eighth in line to the British throne, busy Bea's also heavily involved with philanthropic work including the organisation Big Change she co-founded which aims to empower and promote youth projects and ideas and the charities of which she is royal patron. Those include the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre which she credits with helping her manage her own struggles with the reading disorder.
Which all really just shows that Bea is living her best single life ever. You go, girl!