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Princess Anne, famed as the hardest-working royal, soldiers on with work in gloves amid coronavirus outbreak

With new precautions in mind, Princess Anne has proved once again why she's known as the regal family's hardest worker.

By Jess Pullar
Princess Anne, who is famed as being the royal family's hardest worker, has kept calm and carried on in uncertain times amid the coronavirus outbreak.
The Princess royal was seen on Monday, March 16 at the Addington Equestrian Centre near Buckingham, which she attended as part of her role as the vice patron of the equine charity and The British Horse Society.
But it was clear health and safety was front of mind for the Princess, who donned a pair of black gloves and kept her hands in her pockets for much of the event.
As per suggestions from the World Health Organisation, it seems Princess Anne ensured she was keeping on top of the new etiquette.
Princess Anne was out and about amid Coronavirus fears on Monday, proving she's willing to keep calm despite fears around COVID-19. (Getty)
During the Princess' visit, she watched a display of world-class coaching demonstrations from top coaches, as well as delivering a speech about the importance of having qualified coaches within the equestrian industry.
Wearing a smart dark-coloured jacket, Anne added a pop of colour with a bright red scarf to boot.
She was all smiles throughout the event as well - perhaps a good reminder that despite uncertain times, we can all keep calm and carry on in our own ways.
Princess Anne wore black gloves as an extra precaution - and added a little warmth to her wintry ensemble. (Getty)
Despite Anne soldiering on, other royal family members have experienced changes to their own royal schedules, with the Palace announcing over the weekend that the Queen would be suspending two of her upcoming visits amid health concerns around Corona.
In a statement released to media on Saturday, the Palace said it was taking a "sensible precaution" in halting some of the Queen's engagements for the time being.
"For practical reasons in the current circumstances, changes are being made to The Queen's diary commitments in the coming weeks," the Palace wrote.
Among her rescheduled appearances were visits to Cheshire and Camden.
The Queen has seen some of her events rescheduling amid growing concerns around the virus' spread. (Getty)
As for protocol, we've seen the royals become accustomed to a new normaln recent weeks.
The Queen herself was seen wearing white gloves at an investiture ceremony last week, prompting speculation that the Palace were enacting new health and safety precautions for Her Majesty.
Royals have also quite clearly been told not to shake hands with anyone, in line with WHO's guidelines.
This initially had Prince Charles a little stumped - while attending the Prince's Trust Awards last week, he almost forgot himself for a moment by reaching out to shake hands with a guest, only to then morph the gesture into a Namaste greeting.
Over the coming months, it's likely we'll continue to see these precautions continue.
WATCH: Prince Charles is visibly confused as he goes to shake the hand of a guest at the Prince's Trust Awards:

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