Prince William tours Japan and China

Prince William donned a samurai costume and met with tsunami survivors and the Emperor while undertaking a royal tour of Japan.

Prince William donned a samurai costume and met with tsunami survivors as well as the Emperor while undertaking a royal tour of Japan.
After Prince William, 32, had undertaken a brief four-day tour of Japan where he threw himself into the local culture, donning samurai costumes, undertaking traditional tea ceremonies and touring tsunami-devastated areas, he headed over to China.
During his four-day tour of China, William meet with the nation's president, Xi Jinping. The president was fond of the young prince, advising the Royal Family had contributed "positively" to co-operation between China and the UK.
The Prince got the chance to meet with locals from Beijing, while also showing off his painting skills at the British Ambassador's official residence.
The Duke of Cambridge particularly enjoyed his visit to the Forbidden City, and was photographed grinning during the visit.
During the Prince's Japan visit, he dressed up as notorious historical Samurai warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, while visiting the set of Taiga – a long-running Japanese television drama. He was visiting NHK Public Broadcasting Studios, where he was also treated to traditional dances from performers in Geisha outfits and he met with the station’s mascot – an oversized cartoon character named Domo-Kun.
William turned down the opportunity to don a traditional Samurai wig featuring a large bald spot though as he said his cheeky brother Prince Harry “would never let him forget it!” Unsurprising, given that both the brothers already have their own struggles with hair loss!
Prince William also undertook some more serious visits as part of his tour though, visiting the Royal Palace in Tokyo to meet with the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. He also visited a war memorial Cemetery in Yokohama and visited areas devastated by the 2011 tsunami in the Miyagi district.
The Prince also got to have a ride in the cockpit of one of the country’s famous bullet trains, played with children at the “Smile Kid's Park” alongside Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and worn a traditional 'yukata' robe while joining the Prime Minister for dinner at a traditional at a traditional Japanese Ryoka, or guest house in Fukushima.
Duchess Catherine, who is now just weeks away from delivering the royal baby, did not join the Prince on this particular occasion. Instead the pregnant Duchess stated home with little Prince George, with her final royal appearance scheduled for next week – 11th March, closer to home in the British countryside near London.
Click through the gallery to see what the Prince got up to on his Japanese adventures!

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