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Prince William shares a rare sneak peek inside the Cambridge's living room in a new BBC interview

Books for days.

By Jess Pullar
Prince William has given fans a rare sneak peek inside his country home living room during a candid interview on BBC's The One Show.
The Duke, who appeared on the show to shine a light on mental health, spoke via a video link from the property - something he's been doing for weeks now as he continues to work from home.
But interestingly, unlike his usual, rather simple home office backdrop, the Duke was seated in another room in the house - and it's given fans a fly-on-the-wall insight into the royal family's life.
In the video clip, the Prince sits in a sunlit room.
Behind him are some roof-reaching shelves that are filled with books.
A lamp and some curtains, which feature a beige, rather regal looking print, flank the wall to his left.
The room itself looks quite large, and certainly seems well lived in.
The Duke is seen in what appears to be a family living room. (BBC)
Along with the excitement of seeing such a rare and unique insight into the royal's home life, the clip also leaves a lasting impression with the Duke's words.
"We made the NHS frontline staff, rightly, heroes. But in doing so, we once again, give them the burden that we gave our soldiers fighting in the war, where everyone was so grateful and wanted to show their appreciation as to their fighting for their freedoms and everything," the Prince expalined.
"And I think we've got to be very careful with the language that we use."
"They should rightly be hailed as superstars, and brave, and wonderful staff; but I'm very conscious from a mental health point of view that we don't alienate some of them."
The Prince continued to explain: "Where they feel that once they have this hero tag, they can no longer shake that, and therefore they can't ask for support, they have to be this strong pillar of strength, when actual fact what we need them to be is examples of positive mental health."
He said that while their roles were of utmost importance, it was also incredibly important that frontline workers are also "looking after themselves so that they come through this in one piece and we're not having broken NHS staff all over the country."
Prince William is a fierce advocate for mental health and wellness. (Twitter)
The Prince certainly made a good point with his striking words - and his passion and dedication in the mental health space is clear.
The Prince is also set to appear in a new documentary, Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, which discusses the importance of mental health in sport.
In one scene from the moving doco, the Prince talks about how he still deals with the mental trauma of losing his mother, Princess Diana.
"Having children is the biggest life-changing moment, it really is... I think when you've been through something traumatic in life, and that is like you say, your dad not being around, my mother dying when I was younger, the emotions come back, in leaps and bounds," he said.
"Me and Catherine, particularly, we support each other and we go through those moments together and we kind of evolve and learn together," he said.
Watch the trailer for the new doco below:

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