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Oops! Prince William swears on national television, and viewers are outraged

Chatting about his dad on a new British royal documentary, the future king uttered a very un-regal curse word.

They might be princes of England, but Prince William and Prince Harry have admitted that they are still not immune to the odd telling-off from their dad, Prince Charles.

Speaking to British TV hosts Ant and Dec during their ITV documentary When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of The Prince’s Trust, the brothers reminisced about their school days at posh Eton College, where they would correspond with Charles via letter-writing.

Princes William and Harry chatting with cheeky British TV duo Ant and Dec.
Princes William and Harry chatting with cheeky British TV duo Ant and Dec.

Which sounds lovely – except for his notoriously indecipherable handwriting.

William, explaining that his father “doesn’t do modern technology”, explained, “As it gets later in the evening, when it’s about 12 o’clock [when he’s writing letters] we can tell instantly because it starts going off the page when he’s falling asleep.

Prince Harry chimes in with, “At school we regularly swapped letters and said, ‘I think I know what it says, but can you read it to me?”

And it's then that William utters the offending sentence: “Just in case it was a bollocking we didn’t know about!”

Prince William dropped the B-bomb.
Prince William dropped the B-bomb.

It’s the B-word that has divided Britain, with viewers taking to Twitter to express their outrage or amusement over their usually carefully and politely spoken royal.

Many users declared they “loved William even more” for appearing so down to earth.

Others were shocked, with one woman simply penning, “The future king just said b*king live on national television!”

Hilarious, or inappropriate? Watch the video player above and decide for yourself!

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