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Prince William stands up to bullying in new video

He recorded the inspiring clip in accordance with the first ever National Stand Up To Bullying Day.

By Elizabeth Best
Prince William is yet again proving to be prince of the people, with the release of a new video in which he takes a stand against bullying.
It’s an initiative supported by the Diana Award charity and was recorded for the first ever Stand up to Bullying Day, and we have a feeling his mother would be so proud.
In the powerful video, the young Prince says bullying is “often stupid and cruel and can take any form. And the reach of technology means it can feel unrelenting leaving the victim feeling attacked, powerless and isolated.”
William, who established the anti-bullying task force in his mother’s name, has been taking part in numerous workshops around the country.
Prince William met with people of all ages to discuss his anti-bullying initiative.
He's always been very passionate about stopping bullying.
These learning sessions are assisting children to learn how to deal with being bullied and how to end the cycle.
"It is our collective responsibility to be alert, and to be ready to challenge the behavior we see around us," William said in the video.
The Duke of Cambridge has previously voiced his concerns of the impact cyber bullying might have on Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
"We all have a role to play to ensure that we do not standby, but instead stand up, and put a stop to bullying," The Duke concluded.
The father of two recently expressed his fears for his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, growing up in a world where cyber bullying exists.
Wills has recently been travelling the globe to teach children how to stand up to their bullies.
Tessy Ojo, chief executive of the charity, said, "This campaign goes beyond the one in two people affected by bullying; it is about everyone, every single one of us taking the collective responsibility to tackle bullying.
"It is also about changing the perceived view that bullying is a rite of passage.
We know the devastating effect bullying has on people, which reaches way beyond the school gates."

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